Where does life originate? Paleo microbial fossils were found in meteorites before or before the formation of the earth

Human beings have endless curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The more elusive things are, the more they want to know the answer. How did life originate? At the same time, how to develop to today’s situation? In the face of such problems, our ancestors naturally could not explain them. Therefore, a theological system emerged to explain completely “unknown” events in the social background at that time. In fact, we can find that different countries and nations have their own theological system, but the issue of human origin is the same. Western countries believe that “God created man”, China has the legend of “Nuwa created man”, and there are some prophets in other countries to save the human species. However, with the development of science and the gradual improvement of theoretical system, we can explore the world in a more scientific way. For example, to explain the origin of life, at present, Darwin’s theory of biological evolution can be used to explain the development and evolution of organisms. Although many people objected to the theory when the theory was first put forward, with the development of human understanding, it was found that the progressive theory was so “amazing”. < p > < p > evolution theory can explain the details of the development of life on earth, and understand how life developed from simple single cell life to today’s large family of life on earth. However, it still fails to solve the problem of the origin of life. Before that, rozanov, an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that photos of paleo microbial fossils would be released in the coming months. These paleomicrofossils were found inside meteorites. Scientists believe that this meteorite is likely to have formed in the early stage or even earlier than the formation of the solar system. In short, it existed before the earth appeared. < / P > < p > scientists expect to officially release the Photo Atlas of ancient microbial fossils in meteorites in November. These ancient micro organisms were found inside an ancient meteorite after scientists cut open the meteorite, but were not formed on the surface of the meteorite. This also confirms scientists’ confidence that life may exist widely in space, or at least once existed Yes. < / P > < p > then the issue of the origin of life on the earth is worth thinking about. The current mainstream view holds that life on earth was first formed in the primitive ocean, where there is a hotbed of life called “Haiti black chimney”. In these places, the temperature is more suitable, and at the same time, it is rich in various substances, which is an excellent place for the birth of life. However, there are many opinions on the sources of complex organic substances that constitute life. First of all, they may be formed in some special environment on the earth. For example, the famous Miller experiment simulated the atmospheric environment of the primitive earth and verified the possibility of transforming inorganic small molecules into organic small molecules. After that, small organic molecules were combined to form proteins and nucleic acids. < / P > < p > in addition, scientists have also proposed a new mechanism for the origin of organic matter on earth. A previous study by Japanese scientists found that organic matter, such as amino acids, will be formed in the complex process of asteroid falling onto the ocean, which has been published on. < / P > < p > the third possibility is that organic matters follow asteroids, comets and some celestial debris to the earth from space. Of course, this is not a guess. At present, some important organic substances such as amino acids and ribose have been found in some meteorites. Space is likely to be the source of organic matters that constitute the original life of the earth. However, the latest discovery has found fossils of ancient microorganisms in meteorites, which may break the model we have been insisting on. Maybe the origin of life on earth is really in space. So it is not a dream to discover extraterrestrial life. For example, phosphine, a “life sign”, was discovered on Venus by American scientists before, which has attracted wide attention all over the world. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

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