Whether you accept it or not, Apple’s products are on a road of no return

There is no surprise, no desire and impulse to buy, which is what most digital media technology media want to express. But you don’t have any qualification to refute, because the hardware strength of these products is increasing exponentially, and the performance is getting stronger and stronger. According to Apple’s level, the stability is absolutely not bad. < / P > < p > in the future, Apple’s products have all begun to follow the path of iPhone. Since iphonexr, Apple’s mobile phone has a special model with low price and low cost. The appearance design “shoddy” even reduces the cost in terms of screen, but for iPhone users, there is basically no loss of experience. A model like < / P > < p > has become the most successful case of iPhone experiment, and has become the existence of sudden rise in sales in recent years. The colorful iPhone that cook pursues has finally succeeded in this generation of products. And we saw Apple’s other product lines continue to do the same at this iPhone free launch in 2020. < / P > < p > the most basic iPad 2020 products, the only place to upgrade is A12 chip. In other aspects, it can be said that it is the previous generation product. Will iPad 2019 continue to make money by replacing a CPU? < / P > < p > the sixth generation of Apple watch products is even more “helpless”. In addition to increasing blood oxygen detection and processor upgrading, it has the same appearance as the fifth generation of Apple watch, and it is a perfunctory act for consumers. < / P > < p > why Apple has been so rampant in the past two years to launch its products in such a way that it can even make its products reverse in terms of design and hardware configuration. According to this operation, two cameras, large black edge LCD full screen, no 5g support, and the signal of dual card is so bad that it can still become the first mobile phone in the world Someone can figure it out. < / P > < p > although the current Android mobile phone experience has become very good, but because of the basic logic of the system operation is very different, even in terms of security and ease of use, the foolproof and extremely strong security of IOS system ensure that Apple’s hardware products are deeply loved by consumers. < / P > < p > they are no longer innovative in appearance design and no longer need any hardware. They are the first in the industry. The tolerance of peers and competitors gives them such confidence. < / P > < p > most of the fruit powder’s thinking still stays in the passion when the iPhone 4 was released. In fact, after so many years, Apple has already lost the sense of innovation. Although some new things are added every year, the feeling that people want to have is long gone. < / P > < p > now apple is not the familiar apple in our hearts. It doesn’t have the sense of technology and lacks some magic power from apple. Consumers buy iPhones not out of love for products, but for all the smartphones currently on sale. You don’t have other better choices. Cook is proficient in business model but not in technological innovation. Although the whole company is in normal operation and even better developed, people always expect apple to bring us something different. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?