Which brand of notebook is good? Come and get the same style from Wang Yuan

After the summer vacation, many young brothers and sisters have to get ready to go, from students to social newcomers, and many people have started their own business plans. Which brand of notebook is better for friends who just entered the society? The thinkbook, which has just been announced by the government as the spokesman of Wang Yuan, is very suitable, especially the newly launched thinkbook 14, which can meet the needs of young entrepreneurs in all aspects. < / P > < p > thinkbook 14 is only 17.9mm thick and weighs 1.5kg. It’s very convenient to store the thinkbook 14 and put it into the bag easily. Even if you carry it outside, you won’t feel too much burden. It’s especially friendly for women with weak strength. In addition, thinkbook 14’s fuselage is made of light and strong metal, which looks advanced and fashionable. It is very suitable for entrepreneurs with professional temperament. < / P > < p > many people think that the ability of notebook computers to process tasks and store data is not as good as that of desktop computers. Indeed, many laptops in the past will obviously slow down after a long time of use. However, the thinkbook with the new 10th generation Intel Core i7-10510u processor and amdradeon625 independent graphics card can be selected 14, to a greater extent to ensure the smooth operation, even if the operation of software with a large amount of memory or processing a large amount of data, the work efficiency is not reduced at all. < / P > < p > in terms of memory, thinkbook 14 has dual hard disk bits. Users can freely combine and expand the memory according to their own needs, up to two hard disks, and there is no pressure to store massive data. At the same time, it also ensures the stability and fluency of the notebook during high-speed operation. < / P > < p > If thinness and high configuration are hard indicators, then thoughtful and humanized detailed design is an important reason why thinkbook 14 stands out among the numerous laptops. For entrepreneurs, work information involves a lot of trade secrets, so security must be paid attention to. Thinkbook 14 uses power fingerprint identification to turn on the machine, and it can be turned on with one click without worrying about password disclosure. What’s more, this laptop is also equipped with thinkshutter black valve for the camera. When the camera is not in use, it can choose to close the cover physically, so that the privacy and security can be greatly guaranteed. < / P > < p > in addition, because entrepreneurs often need to go out to work, they often have to deal with some urgent business affairs on the plane or in the car. The touch panel of thinkbook 14 supports the multi finger gesture function of windows 10, and the keyboard has backlight function. Even in the case of insufficient light in the mobile tools, the work is still not blocked. With the FHD IPS HD screen, the resolution is 1920×1080, the picture is delicate and vivid, and supports 250 nit brightness, so the vision is still clear regardless of the light intensity. < / P > < p > which brand of notebook is better for the young people who just started their business? A laptop with high appearance, high configuration and high privacy, such as thinkbook 14, can be said to meet most of the imagination of new entrepreneurs for laptops. Moreover, thinkbook 14 also has limited global joint guarantee service, which can provide intimate after-sales protection no matter where you are. “Reconstruct the world by thinking and ignite dreams with source power”. With Wang Yuan, the new generation idol, as a partner, thinkbook is determined to break the situation and help office workers go all out on the road. Now there are more Wang Yuan’s exclusive limited peripheral activities and more surprise benefits. Wait for you to see ~ < A href= https://twhosting.com/huawei-has-finally-made-a-choice-xiaomi-and-ov-have-also-followed-up-have-you-ever-thought-about-today/ target=_ blank>Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia