Which game world do you want to cross most?

In recent years, the TV series and novels with the theme of “crossing” are very popular. It seems that people will be interested in it whether they travel to the ancient times or to the future. As far as games are concerned, world outlook is also extremely rich. Different worlds have their own characteristics and interesting points. If you really can cross, which game world do you want to cross? < p > < p > the ancient style hand tour should be one of the few hand games loved by both men and women. Boys yearn for the chivalrous feeling of walking in the river and lake with swords and wine in ancient times, and the graceful and unrestrained River and lake described by Jin Yong, while the girls yearn for the ancient soft beauty and shallow meaningful, and the romantic love of one person in a lifetime. There are also countless ancient style hand tours in China, such as,, and so on, which are very popular in ancient times Wind type hand tour. < / P > < p > in fact, the world of ancient style mobile games is not much different from that of the ancient world. Those who want to experience the life line can choose more common jobs, such as captor, musician, scribe and so on. For example, players who are as careful as silk and like to solve cases can choose to become a just captor. The next Bao Qingtian is you! Players who like to write and write poems and songs can choose literati to experience the life of Li Bai, Du Fu and other poets. Of course, if they don’t like the above professions, they can also choose classic ways of playing in the lake and become a young Xia woman with unique skills. In the world of martial arts, there are many well-known sects. Different sects have different weapons and skills. Shaolin, Emei and beggars’ sect are more familiar. Taibai is mainly swordsman, while Tangmen is very good at making poison. Shenwei is a soldier who makes guns. When you hear the names of these sects, do you have blood boiling Can’t wait to set foot on the journey of the river and lake? < / P > < p > of course, the most attractive thing is that the natural scenery in ancient times is extremely beautiful, and the forest is beautiful, such as maple forest, red leaves, cloud dream, bamboo forest on rainy night, etc., which are picturesque. Even if you go through the past and do nothing, it’s beautiful to be a farmer! < / P > < p > it’s fun to travel through the ancient world full of chivalry. What kind of scenery is the magic world? Different from the ancient world dominated by “man”, the magic world is more challenging because of the addition of “God”, and there are great differences in the definition of “magic” between the East and the West. In fact, Oriental magic is a kind of Xianxia game. In the game, players can fly with swords, practice martial arts and practice martial arts. There are also settings such as cultivating immortals and flying up. This is the biggest difference between Xianxia and ancient customs. Western magic is mainly based on the myths and stories of various religious cultures, plus various arts processing, forming a new world outlook. < / P > < p > there are many well-known games of Oriental Xianxia, all of which have excellent pictures and plots. The common feature of these games is that they have extremely high degree of freedom, and there are no restrictions on playing methods. Players can freely choose leisure hanging and plot hanging. Of course, the most important thing is to cultivate immortals, experience immortal swords, practice magic weapons, and cultivate pills. Is there such a kind of immortal Feel it? However, there are more magical ethnic groups in the west, such as dwarves, elves and blood clans. The dwarves are skilled and good at making weapons and wine. The elves are noble and reserved, beautiful and seldom associate with other clans. Although giants are rough in appearance, they are kind-hearted. For example, 11 ethnic groups, 12 kinds of local forces and more than 100 vassal forces are derived from the game. The main rules of Western magic play will aggravate the conflicts between ethnic groups, such as seizing resources, competing for territory, etc., giving players a more realistic sense. < / P > < p > some players love the blood of Wulin and the cool technology of the future world. We don’t know what the future world will look like. Let’s go through the science fiction game and experience it first! The world outlook of sci-fi games is relatively broad and well-known, such as youet al. The characteristics of sci-fi games are that the world outlook is extremely large, focusing on mecha combat or tower defense. It emphasizes the pleasant touch and the spectacular scene of battle. Players can freely carry out shipbuilding, commercial trade, ore collection activities, and also drive various types of ships Thousands of stars and wormholes shuttle between each other, carrying out industrial manufacturing, scientific research, financial trade, and experiencing archaeological exploration. < / P > < p > in the world of science fiction games, you can not only see the romance of the starry sky, but also feel the complexity of human nature. If you choose a different occupation, there will be different development modes. There are not only just teachers who fight against the strong and help the weak, but also starpirates who bully the weak. There are just people who protect the order of the star sea and the tricky businessmen who monopolize the trade. If you are allowed to cross into In this world, would you like to? < / P > < p > different game worlds have different fun and bring different life experiences. If you choose a game world to cross, which game world do you want to cross most? Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine