Which is better, glory 30s or Huawei nova7se? Think it’s the same? This difference should not be ignored

In early April, glory brand launched Hisilicon 820 model glory 30s. Its excellent performance and exquisite appearance captured the hearts of many users. However, “the good times are not long”. At the end of April, Huawei, the parent brand, launched another Hisilicon 820 model Huawei nova7 se. < / P > < p > for a while, how to choose between glory 30s and Huawei nova7 se has become a big problem for many netizens. In fact, there seems to be no big difference in the configuration of the two models, mainly because of the different brands. < p > < p > glory 30s: a 6.5-inch LTPS on the front LCD material pole full-scale screen, officially known as “eye enchanting screen”, resolution 2400×1080 pixels, screen pixel density 405ppi, support hdr10 display technology, pass Rhine low blue light eye protection certification; < / P > < p > the side of the body adopts plastic material middle frame, buttons are equipped with side fingerprint & Power integrated button, volume key, interface, except USB Type-C interface, the convenient and practical independent 3.5mm headphone connector is retained; < / P > < p > the back is a glass back cover, which uses double-layer diaphragm technology to create a dreamlike 3D butterfly plume gradual light effect, and the back only carries the glory family matrix camera module. < p > < p > Huawei nova7 se: the front is also a 6.5-inch LTPS LCD pole full screen, resolution 2400×1080 pixels, pixel density 405ppi, other screen parameters are consistent with glory 30s; < / P > < p > the body adopts plastic middle frame + glass back cover, the key and interface configuration are consistent with glory 30s, but the color scheme of back cover and camera module design are slightly different. < p > < p > rear: 64 megapixel main lens, f / 1.8 aperture + 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, f / 2.4 aperture + 8 million pixel telephoto lens, f / 2.4 aperture + 2 million pixel macro lens, f / 2.4 aperture. It supports 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom and 20x digital zoom. < / P > < p > rear: 64 million pixel main lens, f / 1.8 aperture + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, f / 2.4 aperture + 2 million pixel depth of field lens, f / 2.4 aperture + 2 million pixel macro lens, f / 2.4 aperture. Support 10x digital zoom. < / P > < p > glory 30s has a higher pixel and more practical value telephoto lens. There is no official detailed information about the sensor models of the 64 megapixel main camera of the two models. Both models are combined with Sony imx682 + Samsung GW1. < p > < p > Huawei nova7 se: built in the same Kirin 820 chip, the parameters are completely consistent; the storage type lpddr 4x storage + UFS 2.1 flash memory, up to 256gb nm memory card expansion; also built-in 4000mAh capacity battery, up to 40W fast charging. < / P > < p > the integrated configuration of glory 30s is slightly higher, but the difference is not big, almost the same. In essence, the camera specifications of glory 30s and Huawei nova7 se are slightly different. From the current official price, the threshold price of glory 30s is lower, and it is cheaper under the same storage version. < / P > < p > in addition, there is another thing to pay attention to, that is, Huawei nova7 does not have gyroscopes, so please choose carefully when playing games. This is very important! < / P > < p > Xiaobian is more inclined to glory 30s. After all, it is more cost-effective. How would you choose? Welcome to the comments section below to express your views and exchange views. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?