Which is Huawei mate 40 or Apple iPhone 12? I’ll understand after reading

Today, my colleagues sent me 2 photos. Figure 1 is from Huawei’s exclusive store, Huawei mate 40 Pro display platform, and boys are holding new machines in a row; Figure 2 shows that Apple stores are obviously surrounded by iPhone and iPad, different from Huawei. The audience has changed into girls and has strong interaction. Some people claim that mobile phones buy the world’s first iPhone for 12 days. So the Huawei mate40 and Apple iPhone 12, which were released in the same period, were taken online for comparison. Why do Apple users buy iPhone one after another? Because Apple ecology super viscosity! A child shoe that enjoys years of paid service on IOS will not easily pull out without stabbing pain. It is not considered as the experience superiority of multiple Apple devices plus 1 apple ID. You can’t blame the service provider for “forgetting the original” because the service provider has a sense of superiority. This is a stimulus in consumer experience and conforms to the business rules. This Android camp is still in the downwind. Therefore, in the mobile system camp, iPhone 12 won without suspense. Of course, Android mobile phone is not sticky. For example, Mijia lot currently provides the best domestic smart home linkage service. I also feel that MIUI system of Xiaomi makes me more comfortable. I will not easily change IOS before I am changed by IOS, which is the base of Android system manufacturers. When the age of 5g is really coming, many domestic users want to laugh. Is beautiful country disconnected for one year? On 5g, apple can’t say younger brother, it can’t be the leader. In terms of processor, Apple has upgraded its convention, and A14 is still the strongest in the world; the few Kirin 9000 left after Huawei was killed has become “Wang fried”. Many people are running for this CPU. As for image capability, media evaluation of iPhone 12 is saying “unexpected”; Huawei has never lost its links in image strength since mate20. This time, mate40 series has put forward stronger night view and zoom strength. The other thing that has to be said is big battery and fast charging. Android flagship is booming. Apple wufu’an is a rotten stalk that makes fruit powder have to accept; how can iPhone 12 “save power”, the battery capacity is also a small one. When it comes to fast charging, the role of younger brother still covers the whole body. This year, I will make fun of environmental protection to the non charging head. You can understand that because of the loss. This is a simple one. For example, for the big bang that apple can’t beat for three consecutive generations, some people think it is ugly and innovative. Some people think it is an irreplaceable “identification degree” of apple new machine. Radish and cabbage have their own love, or sand or heaven. This moment is written into reality. As for friends who like Huawei mate40 series, the super recognition of the backplane camera array also plays an absolute role. Even the mate30 series is similar to the iPhone 11. In addition, in today when the national pride of Chinese people is unprecedented, Huawei does bring the user a sense of natural belonging because of its indelible Chinese brand effect. You must admit that Huawei has no choice but to admit it. It is not to say that you should buy any mobile phone absolutely “die and die”. As early as five years ago, my colleague was an iPhone and a Samsung gaile world. Now, there are not a few friends with two new phones in my hand. This kind of user, more is thinking “who is the main machine, who is the standby machine”. This year, iPhone 12 has launched the “small screen flagship” iPhone 12 mini, which is equivalent to the big cousin version of iPhone Se2, from a certain point of view, can be regarded as a dual mobile phone user to do “standby machine optimization”; “;” /p > < p > the same reason, many people like IOS hard to pull out, but the more comfortable price Android flagship gives them the opportunity to enjoy a big fast charging, non Liuhai comprehensive screen, so there is a “iron hit iPhone 6, running water Android flagship” such a main and a pair of options. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?