While cracking down on Huawei, American enterprises also suffer losses. Is the United States still clinging to its infatuation?

recently, to talk about the most touching and furious micro-blog tiktok, that is, Trump banned American users from using WeChat, shaking the overseas version and other App. He also won’t listen to reason that Apple Corp’s App Store can’t have WeChat’s application. If this news comes out, it must be felt that Trump is not only unreasonable, but also many overseas users who are accustomed to WeChat or tiktok. I wonder if trump has seriously considered the consequences before making this decision? Although this country has been suppressing Huawei and forbidding its people to buy Huawei’s electronic products, our country has not targeted Apple everywhere. Therefore, China is an important overseas market for apple. If Apple mobile phone can not use wechat app, what choice will we make? You know, wechat is very important to us now. It is closely related to the life and social life of almost everyone in China, so we can’t use wechat. < / P > < p > once Apple responds to the government’s request, we can only choose not to use apple. At that time, the company and even the United States will suffer huge economic losses? I wonder if trump will take the advice of professionals and apple to withdraw this decision? In addition to apple, another American enterprise that has suffered huge losses due to various actions of the U.S. government is Qualcomm. < p > < p > the U.S. government forbids us companies to provide Huawei with chips. Therefore, Huawei intelligence cooperates with domestic chip suppliers. Therefore, not only does Qualcomm fail to capture this big customer, but it may also face the risk of being overtaken by overseas competitors. You know, in recent years, the development of Qualcomm in the United States is not very good, because the strength of suppliers such as TSMC and Samsung far exceeds that of the enterprise. It is not easy to take over Huawei as a big customer from TSMC. Finally, under the pressure of the U.S. government, the company has to lose this fat meat;. It can be imagined that Qualcomm must be very aggrieved. Therefore, they also recently protested to the US government. I wonder what kind of choice trump will make? This series of things are to explain a truth, there is only one outcome of the struggle between the strong and the strong, that is, both sides are hurt. Huawei has suffered heavy losses, but the situation of American enterprises is not much better. Why not achieve win-win cooperation? I just hope trump can see the matter clearly as soon as possible and make the right decision. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally