Who doesn’t like Samsung Galaxy book s

As a new lightweight notebook launched by Samsung, Samsung Galaxy book s features light weight, durability and long endurance. At the same time, it is a standard Windows 10 laptop, which can bring a complete windows 10 experience. So what kind of experience can this product bring to users? Let’s get to know it! < / P > < p > if Steve Jobs took out the MacBook Air from his portfolio, you might be surprised when you saw the Samsung Galaxy Book s. There is a big “book s” printed on the box of Samsung Galaxy Book S. when we take out the Samsung Galaxy book s from the box, we really realize the meaning of this “book s” – Samsung Galaxy book s is really like a book, small and light. < / P > < p > compared with most other 13.3-inch laptops, the Samsung Galaxy book s is fairly standard in length and width, but thanks to its smaller package size processor and fanless design, Samsung Galaxy book s The thickness of the s fuselage is also extremely high, not to mention the surprising 6.2mm at the thinnest part. Even if the thickest 11.8mm is used to compare with other light and thin books, Samsung Galaxy book s also has a great advantage, let alone the weight of 950g bare machine. It can be said that such a lightweight fuselage design has brought good portability to Samsung Galaxy book s, which can be easily put in a briefcase or backpack, even if it is taken on hand when going out. In addition to its sleek appearance, the Samsung Galaxy S is also very light in color. The machine is made of integrated aluminum alloy, which makes the machine more durable. At the same time, the overall workmanship of this machine is exquisite. Every detail from the surface of the product to the fuselage reflects the charm of high-end industrial manufacturing at present. It is full of metal texture and almost flawless, just like a delicate handicraft. In addition, the A-side design of Samsung Galaxy book s is very simple, and there are no other redundant elements except for a Samsung logo. The color matching of gilded gold brings high appearance value. Whether it’s office, home or in the street cafe, this machine can be well integrated into the decoration styles of different scenes. < p > < p > Samsung Galaxy book s uses a 13.3-inch screen that supports touch operation, which can greatly improve the user’s control efficiency, which is of great benefit to online learning, remote conference and other scenarios. Because Samsung Galaxy book s has good portability, many people often use it outdoors, and outdoor light is stronger. If the screen brightness of notebook is not high enough, we can’t see the content on the screen in the sun. The solution given by Samsung Galaxy book s is to add an “outdoor mode”. After the “outdoor mode” is turned on through the FN + O shortcut key, the screen brightness of this machine can be up to 600nit, so that we can easily see the contents on the screen outdoors. < / P > < p > as a light and thin book with a body thickness of only 6.2mm, we didn’t expect that the keyboard of Samsung Galaxy book s still has obvious key range. From our experience, the keyboard of Samsung Galaxy book s is better than that of most iPads Pro’s external keyboard is much better, the key range is more obvious, the sense of paragraph is more sufficient, and press up a little “meat” feeling, the actual typing experience is not bad. That is to say, if you often use Samsung Galaxy book s to type, then most people can quickly adapt to its keyboard without affecting their work efficiency. In terms of interface, Samsung Galaxy book s has two usb-c interfaces, one 3.5mm audio interface and one microSD expansion slot. In addition, the power key of Samsung Galaxy book s is also integrated with fingerprint identification module, which can log into the system with one key when it is turned on, which is a highlight design in data security. < / P > < p > thanks to Samsung Galaxy book s equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, it can better balance the performance and power consumption of the product, and also makes this product have excellent endurance. Samsung’s Galaxy book s has a built-in 42wh high-capacity battery that can play up to 17 hours of video with a long-lasting battery life, allowing users to enjoy blockbusters or other work without having to look around for power outlets during use. In other words, as long as users charge the Samsung Galaxy book s before they go out, they don’t need to worry about the product’s life span all day. < p > < p > Samsung Galaxy book s adopts fan less design, and the whole machine is passive cooling. How about its heat dissipation performance under high load? In 22.5 ° C environment and external power mode, we bake CPU by aida64 software for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the maximum temperature of the whole machine is only 40.6 ° C, which is located in the middle of the top of the keyboard. The temperature of the rest of the keyboard is about 34 ° C. It has only a slight warm feeling on the touch, but it will not disturb the typing. At the same time, 30 minutes after the toaster, the bottom of the machine is only slightly warm, meaning it can be used on the legs. < / P > < p > conclusion: from the point of view of the product itself, Samsung Galaxy book s is a light and thin book with unique features. Its slim body design and less than 1kg weight can not only effectively reduce the burden of daily carrying, but also reflect the exquisite industrial design level. On the whole, Samsung Galaxy book s is very suitable for high-end people who pursue fashion and light weight. 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