Who else but the iPhone 12? Battery shrinkage without charging head, Apple users can not buy worry!

I remember that after the iPhone 4 was released, it was quickly exposed that there was a design defect in the antenna. If you hold one end of the body with your hand, the signal of the phone will be lost! At that time, Apple CEO < / P > < p > the reason given by jobs was that almost all mainstream smartphones, holding the fuselage in the same way, had the phenomenon of signal strength decline. < / P > < p > in fact, Apple was once proud of its antenna design, which used the exposed metal frame around the fuselage as an external antenna for transmitting and receiving signals. Obviously, the multiple tests of the “prototype” in the laboratory environment are quite different from the actual use environment of different users and the posture of holding iPhone. < / P > < p > the final solution is also “apple”: since it is a metal frame antenna problem, give a plastic mobile phone case to solve the design defects. The upgraded version of the iPhone 4S model still uses the metal frame as an external antenna, but it changes the cutting position of the antenna section, which is really deplorable < / P > < p > in the twinkling of an eye, in 2020, the iPhone 12 series. Although Apple’s self-developed A-Series processor is very powerful, one thing that can be basically determined is that when the 5g network access is finally supported by the “external” 5g baseband chip of Qualcomm, the cost of authorization and parts is also higher. < p > < p > therefore, at a time when many brands such as Huawei and Samsung have already supported 5g network access, one of the most popular issues before the release of the iPhone 12 series is how to balance the shipping volume risk caused by cost and price.

with an air of importance, the apple official sent a voting email to make complaints about a new Internet phone. It was mentioned that after the replacement of the new iPhone, the old model battery charge was handled. It made the outside world feel a great uproar, so that there was also a “decent” rendering of the iPhone, showing iPhone. The 12 will no longer come with a charging head, only a data cable that can be used for charging. Don’t mention the 18W charging head, “Apple’s ancestral” 5v1a charger may not be available. < / P > < p > Apple may not want to charge the wired earphones that were included in the package in the past. Does apple have a great demand for headphones? According to Apple style, the response seems to be like this: you can buy Apple Wireless Headset airpods alone! < / P > < p > do you want to buy a charging head for an iPhone? It is estimated that other brands have been sprayed miserably, but in the response survey of multiple platforms, a large number of Apple users have said that they can understand and think that the US Apple company advocates the concept of green environmental protection < / P > < p > unexpectedly, in order to balance the iPhone The cost of supporting 5g will increase. Not only the charging head may be cancelled, but also the iPhone Battery with a small capacity seems to be Apple’s goal of reducing costs ~ < / P > < p > well known Apple information analyst Guo Mingzhen disclosed that the corresponding 5g patent licensing fee will be higher after purchasing the 5g baseband chip of the U.S., which makes it intend to reap the market with a low price Apple, racking its brains to reduce iPhone costs. < / P > < p > if the charging head and wired headset are cancelled, if the final implementation and control is subtle, it will not reduce the demand for iPhone 12 by users, but also allow apple to obtain a new revenue. I admire Apple’s twisting force field! According to the report, apple chose to reduce the cost of battery capacity in order to protect the user experience After all, other parts focus on quality issues to avoid damaging Apple’s brand reputation. < / P > < p > worried about the battery life after capacity shrinkage? According to Apple’s style, the response might be this: you can buy Apple’s battery on your own! Look, if the iPhone 12 does, it will be an additional revenue for Apple ~ < / P > < p > of course, Apple should also have enough confidence to do so, whether it is based on the strong appeal of Apple’s brand, such as eliminating the attached charging head and wired headset, reducing the battery capacity, distorting the reality, turning the power field into “apple is actually for environmental protection” ~ < / P > < p > or relying on itself Research on A14 processor and other technical support, based on TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process, has new CPU performance and GPU performance surge, which can effectively reduce the operating power consumption of iPhone 12 device. < / P > < p > according to the multi-channel information, Apple will launch four iPhones in 2020, including the entry-level iPhone 12, which does not come with a charging head, does not come with headphones, the battery capacity shrinks, and even may still only support 4G network access! < / P > < p > based on the above strategy to reduce costs, the entry-level iPhone 12 has a lower price, attracting “price sensitive” consumers ~ in order to expand the iPhone market share, further transform into Apple ecological service users, or impact the low-end of a meter. < / P > < p > although the price of 15000 yuan is not high, and it is also the cost of having a meal with friends occasionally, it is different from other brands as high-end experimental products. The high-end series of iPhone models launched by Apple need to be shipped in bulk! < / P > < p > in this way, the four iPhone 12 models of low-end, middle end, standard and high-end will almost cover all customers in the mainstream market! This is similar to the full product line coverage strategy of Samsung’s smartphones in South Korea. It can be seen that apple is really impatient ~ < / P > < p > some helplessness is that Huawei’s smartphones, which are the mainstay of the Chinese brand, surpass Apple’s iPhone in the shipment volume, and even push Samsung’s smartphone out of the first place in the world, but it is about to usher in a situation in which Kirin chip’s trump card cannot be played out < p > < p > on the other hand, boss Lei, the founder of the so-called domestic brand such as the mobile phone of certain meter, is still chanting “the best in the world for Qualcomm’s snapdragon chip” and “actively adapting to Google’s GMS version of Android”. < / P > < p > at the same time, new news points out that “wechat will not be removed from the apple platform”, which makes some consumers who originally felt insecure about Apple’s devices and stay away from the iPhone have rekindled the idea of starting with iPhone 125g. Analysts at Morgan Stanley have revealed that in the Chinese market that Apple attaches great importance to, nearly 68% of users are using the old iPhone for at least two years ~ admittedly, the iPhone does have a lot of advantages. < / P > < p > whether it’s the power of self-developed A-Series processor, the closed environment of exclusive IOS operating system, and the extreme experience of supporting IOS ecosystem, Apple’s multi platform interaction and seamless docking also makes it more difficult to “discard the pit”. < / P > < p > in fact, compared with the slot point of iPhone and other electronic products, the benign development of domestic brand smart phone technology has been completely upset by the extremely poor experience of Lei Dashan’s one meter mobile phone and the so-called “cost-effective” low-cost experience. < / P > < p > the existence of this “bad money drives out good money” atmosphere has made many domestic brand smart phone manufacturers fall into low price competition. While some “cost-effective users” think themselves smart, they also erode the good atmosphere of domestic scientific research environment. In the end, they suffer from the bad consequences ~ < / P > < p > the shrinking battery without charging head makes Apple users worry if they can’t buy it! Who else besides the iPhone 12? I admire Apple’s twisted force field too much. It is obvious that there is enough confidence to do so. Huawei, which pays attention to scientific research, is suppressed. Who can shoulder the banner? Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865