Who gave Apple courage? After dismantling the iPhone 12, we found that: plug in 7Nm snapdragon 5g baseband!

With the appearance of four 5g versions of iPhone 12, the whole series supports 5g network and retro iPhone 4 style, and various channel messages are finally settled. The outside world is not sure whether the so-called entry-level iPhone 12 mini version has changed its name to the full screen version of the iPhone se? < / P > < p > from the video display of dismantling the machine, iPhone 12, which supports 5g network, still adopts double motherboard superposition assembly, maintaining the “L” logic motherboard shape. < p > < p > compared with Huawei’s global integrated 5g design, Apple has the intuitive vision of 5g baseband: A14 processor and 5g baseband chip occupy two spaces on the motherboard. < / P > < p > in this way, more space is occupied on the motherboard, and the data transmission and stability are worse, which means that higher power consumption and larger motherboard heating area will be generated. < / P > < p > to put it bluntly, it is enough to use the advantages of your own IOS system, change a strategy to solve the power consumption problem, and automatically detect which app services are enabled 5g and which fall back to 4G network < p > < p > industry analysts believe that Apple has compromised its pursuit of being lighter and thinner, using the “half 5g mode” to balance power consumption. Compared with the previous generation of iPhone 11 series, the battery capacity of iPhone 12 series has shrunk, which has also been announced in the network access information. < / P > < p > China’s version of iPhone 12 series “castrate” millimeter wave antenna, still using the backward technology of “plug-in” 5g baseband solution, these for the Apple fans who prefer iPhone, can bear it However, while blowing the A14 processor based on TSMC’s 5nm process technology, while “plugging” the snapdragon x55 baseband based on the 7Nm process, people in the industry have to question: is this cleaning up the inventory for Qualcomm? < / P > < p > or to use the “snapdragon x55 baseband” which is about to be “eliminated” by the Android camp, who gives apple the courage? < / P > < p > Apple obviously will not respond to this kind of doubt from the outside world. After dismantling the iPhone 12, it is found that the 7 nm snapdragon 5g baseband is not available to apple from the perspective of the technology cycle of Qualcomm products. < / P > < p > in 2018, Huawei’s Baron 5000 baseband came on the stage when some smart phone brand manufacturers in the Qualcomm camp, such as a certain meter mobile phone, took the snapdragon X50 baseband released by Qualcomm in 2016! < / P > < p > at that time, the company played the “ppt release” and announced the upgrade of snapdragon x55 baseband on paper, although it was nearly a year behind Huawei’s 5g chip. < p > < p > similarly, after Huawei released the Kirin 900 processor integrated with 5g baseband, the next generation of “snapdragon X60 baseband” was once again released by Qualcomm through “oral ppt”. It is said that the next generation of “snapdragon X60 baseband” is developed based on 5nm process technology, with lower power consumption and better performance! < p > < p > therefore, Apple released four 5g versions of the iPhone 12 with the previous generation of 7Nm snapdragon x55 baseband 5g chip. There is really no better choice. < / P > < p > What does it mean for four 5g iPhone 12 models to carry the last generation of 7Nm snapdragon x55 baseband that will be “eliminated” by Android camp? < / P > < p > as we all know, on the slightly rough logic motherboard of a certain 10 mobile phone, which is said to be sold for 5999 yuan, is not only integrated with a chipset composed of more than 20 chips of Qualcomm, but also equipped with the processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 platform. Because of the lack of the “flag ship class 5g integrated baseband” solution, the Xiaolong x55 baseband 5g chip was added to the motherboard “Leida benevolent” Junzi Lei is very considerate, took the opportunity to sell a back clip cooling fan: if you are lucky to see a mobile phone with a cooling fan hanging on the back shell, dragging the USB power supply of the power bank for cooling The mobile phone make complaints about

, which is also a product of the Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 processor, the plug-in Xiaolong X55 baseband 5G chip S20 phone. It was seen by a netizen who had “hot and hard to control” Tucao, and a certain game App was forced to quit for 20 seconds. Now it has been confirmed by the dismantler: this 7Nm craft’s Xiaolong X55 baseband 5G chip, “plug-in” in apple 5G version iP On the phone 12 model, with A14 processor chip of 5nm technology, 5g support is realized, which is nearly a year and a half behind. It is a pity that the backward 5g baseband chip solution or the 7Nm snapdragon x55 baseband that will be “eliminated” by the Android camp are actually the most obvious technical defects of four 5g iPhone 12 models. < / P > < p > it needs to be emphasized that Huawei mate 40 series top flagship mobile phone will carry 5nm Kirin 9000 processor, which is the world’s first 5nm SOC flagship mobile platform processor: built-in Baron 5g baseband chip solution! < / P > < p > the top version of iPhone 12 Pro Max model, compared with the previous generation of iPhone 11 Pro max, the price reduction is as high as 800 yuan! Presumably, the price of 11899 yuan will not make consumers who prefer iPhones hesitate? < p > < p > Huawei mate 40 flagship smart phone has built-in HMS ecological platform mobile service. Recently, it has been revealed that mobile QQ has been added, and it can push messages instantly without hanging up in the background of app! And is expected to be the first to get the upgrade of Hongmeng OS mobile version. < / P > < p > as for the discovery of “plug-in 7Nm snapdragon 5g baseband” after dismantling the iPhone 12, it is really easy for the outside world to have some doubts: is this cleaning up the inventory of the previous generation 5g baseband for Qualcomm? Who gives apple the courage to deal with things like this? < / P > < p > nowadays, Apple’s iPhone 12 series has been officially released and Huawei’s mate 40 series flagship has also entered the stage. Do you want to choose one of the flagship models? Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing