Who is the king of charging? 5g fast charging new machine peak competition!

[pconline talks] With the fierce competition in the mobile phone market, mobile phone manufacturers are no longer satisfied with making efforts in shooting and screen refresh rate, and mobile phone endurance has become a new focus of attention. In order to fully meet the user’s mobile phone use experience, manufacturers have not only improved the battery, but also made great efforts in fast charging. However, in the face of so many mobile phones, how to identify the real meaning What about the new 5g fast charging machine? Now let’s get rid of lightning protection ~ < / P > < p > today, I’d like to introduce four kinds of 5g fast charging new machines with the fastest charging speed, which can be said to have performed very well and greatly improved the life experience of mobile phones. They are 1 + 8 pro, oppo ACE2, realme X50 pro and oppo reno4 pro. First of all, let’s take a look at the main parameters: < / P > < p > in general, the appearance of these 5g fast charging machines is very high. In terms of appearance design, it caters to the aesthetic taste of young people. The overall design is low-key, simple and elegant, and has a variety of colors to choose from. Next, let’s take a look at the differences in the appearance of these four mobile phones. < / P > < p > one plus 8 Pro is equipped with a 6.7-inch Samsung fluid AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The screen resolution is 3168 * 1440, reaching the QHD + level. The pixel density is 513ppi, and the maximum brightness can reach 1300nit. It can be said that great efforts have been made on the screen. The back is made of glass, with a rounder edge and a closer connection with the metal middle frame. The fingers can hardly feel the existence of the middle frame, which makes it feel excellent. With a weight of only 199 grams, it won’t feel heavy even if you hold it with one hand for a long time. < / P > < p > the front of oppo ACE2 adopts the very popular hole digging screen design. It is equipped with a 6.55 inch OLED flexible screen made of E3 material. It supports the screen refresh rate of 90 Hz and the touch sampling rate of 180 Hz. No matter what kind of operation is used, it can bring you incomparable pleasant experience. Its back is made of curved glass and weighs only 185g, which is fashionable and brings excellent holding experience. It is light and does not drop your hand when you use it everyday. The fuselage color has three kinds of gorgeous colors: moon rock grey, dream purple and Aurora silver, which can be called “super player” in the beauty school. < / P > < p > the realme X50 Pro is equipped with a 6.44 inch super AMOLED screen with a 20:9 screen ratio. It supports DC dimming, 90hz refresh rate and 180hz sampling rate. AG technology is used in the back, so the back is low-key matte texture, which not only has a unique touch, but also does not leave fingerprints, so that the back can always keep clean. < / P > < p > oppo reno4 Pro also adopts the current popular hole digging screen design. It is equipped with a 6.5-inch hyperbolic OLED screen made of E3 luminous material. The maximum brightness is 800 nits, and the peak brightness can reach 1100 nits, which can be said to be the brightest screen of domestic mobile phones. This screen also supports 90hz refresh rate, the daily sliding is relatively smooth, with the animation experience is also very perfect. Its back uses a new Reno glow diamond technology, creating a more dazzling visual style. < / P > < p > nowadays, mobile phones are developing rapidly, and the experience in all aspects has been greatly improved. These four mobile phones are also good examples. Both the performance and the system performance are excellent, and the experience is absolutely satisfactory. Let’s take a look at the performance and system of these four fast charging mobile phones. < / P > < p > one plus 8 Pro is equipped with snapdragon 865 flagship processor, with oxygen OS 10.5 system, lpddr5 high-speed memory and UFS 3.0 flash memory. Its strong performance can meet various daily use needs. As for charging, the one plus 8 Pro supports 50W super flash charging, and also carries 30W wireless charging and 30W reverse charging. This comprehensive charging level is almost the first in the industry. < p > < p > in the running score software, one plus 8 Pro has achieved very good results: rabbit running score 586208, geekbench4 single core score 900, multi core 3320 score, top flagship level. < / P > < p > oppo ACE2 adopts the advanced 7Nm process to build the high-throughput snapdragon 865 mobile platform, and carries the recently highly praised coloros7.1 operating system, which further improves the beauty, function and optimization of UI, and the daily experience is very good. As a fast charging mobile phone, oppo ACE2 has more advantages in charging. Oppo ACE2 supports 65W super vooc wired flash charging and 40W air vooc Wireless Flash charging, which are the top level of mobile phone charging power. It allows you to “charge for 5 minutes and turn black for 1 hour”. < / P > < p > realme X50 Pro is equipped with the latest high pass snapdragon 865 processor and lpddr5 running memory. Compared with lpddr4x, the speed is increased by 29% and the power consumption is reduced by 14%. In terms of charging, the realme X50 Pro is even more amazing. It supports the new 65W superdart super flash charging. It can also be charged while playing on the bright screen. Moreover, it can be fully charged with a 4200mah dual cell battery in 35 minutes. < / P > < p > take a look at the running points of Angora and geekbench. Realme X50 Pro got 598353 points in Antu evaluation and 9628 points in geekbench. It can be seen that both GPU and CPU are more than 98% of the mobile phones on the market, which can be said to be quite powerful. < / P > < p > oppo reno4 Pro is a midrange positioning product, which is equipped with a high pass snapdragon 765G processor and supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5g. In terms of fast charging, it is completely high configuration level. Oppo reno4 Pro not only has a 4000mAh large battery built in, but also supports 65W super flash charging. According to the actual measurement, 35% of the battery can be charged in 10 minutes, and it only takes 35 minutes to fully charge, which is really a meal. < / P > < p > although oppo reno4 Pro is a midrange positioning mobile phone, its overall performance is still good. Geekbench 5.1 has 612 mononuclear and mononuclear scores, 1803 multi nuclear scores and 344243 total scores of Angora rabbit, which is regarded as the leader of the mid end computer. < / P > < p > the fast charging experience of these mobile phones is amazing, and they are not lagging behind in the daily use of photos. These four mobile phones are equipped with a good camera, absolutely can satisfy you who love to take pictures. Let’s take a look at the details. < / P > < p > one plus 8 Pro adopts a four shot scheme, which is a combination of 48 million main camera + 48 million ultra wide angle + 8 million long focus + 5 million pixel lens, of which 48 million main camera and 8 million pixel long focus lens support OIS optical anti shake, and support 3 times optical zoom. < / P > < p > among them, the 48 million pixel main camera is Sony imx689 CMOS, the sensor size is 1 / 1.4 inch, and supports full-pixel omni-directional focusing technology. In combination with quad Bayer pixel merging technology, the photos can be taken with sufficient brightness and excellent dynamic range performance. < / P > < p > oppo ACE2 adopts a combination of rear four camera + front single camera, 4800W high pixel main camera, 800W pixel super wide angle, portrait and retro lens, and 1600W pixel self timer camera in front, as well as super clear night scene and super clear video anti shake function, so that the dynamic and static are clear. < / P > < p > the image sensor used in the main camera is the proven IMX 58648 million physical pixels, f / 1.7 large aperture, and large sensor size, which are enough to create excellent imaging performance in various scenes. < / P > < p > the specific specifications of the real X50 Pro camera are as follows: the front dual camera is 32 million + 8 million ultra wide angle, and the rear camera is 64 million pixel main camera + 8 million super wide angle + 13 million long focus + 2 million macro lens. < / P > < p > it also supports 64 million ultra clear eagle eye photography, equipped with front and rear zoom for six shots, and can be 20 times of mixed zoom. UIs Max Super Video anti shake, ultra wide angle video, portrait virtual video, and super dark night scene are also available. With the sat smooth zoom technology developed by realme, it can “switch seamlessly” when photographing or video stretching. < / P > < p > oppo reno4 Pro adopts an efficient and mature three camera solution: 48 million pixel main camera + 12 million pixel ultra wide angle camera + 13 million pixel long focus camera, which can meet the all-round image needs from far to wide and then to micro. < / P > < p > the ultra wide angle camera supports a super large angle of view of 120 degrees. It adopts Sony’s new IMX 708 sensor, which is 1 / 2.43 inch in size, and can produce 16:9 pictures of video directly, making every creation have the flavor of a movie. < / P > < p > one plus 8 Pro can be said to be the king of charging. Super flash charging, wireless charging and reverse charging are all attractive enough, and its performance, screen and appearance are also excellent enough. When is it better to not buy? < / P > < p > as a flagship machine, oppo ACE2 has a very good performance experience. In addition to its excellent fast charging experience and powerful photo taking ability, you can hardly find a reason not to start. If you want to change to a 5g fast charging phone, this is really a good choice. < / P > < p > realme X50 Pro is equipped with a snapdragon 865, 90hz high refresh rate screen, 65W superdart super flash charging and other flagship performance as the highlights, plus the amazing appearance and low price, it is really cost-effective. < / P > < p > oppo reno4 Pro is a mobile phone that is very suitable for mass consumer groups. Although it is positioned in the middle end, it has a good configuration and super charging capacity. It can be called an all-round player with high cost performance. If you want to have a mobile phone that is comfortable to use and can meet the needs of daily use, but the budget is not high, then this mobile phone will be a good choice. < / P > < p > it is more and more important to use the mobile phone more and more, so it is very important to revive the mobile phone in a short time. The four models introduced today are all the king of charging. If you want a mobile phone with good performance and fast charging, you can choose from them= https://twhosting.com/huawei-mate40-concept-machine-exposed-kirin-1020-curved-surface-full-scale-screen-beauty-hanging-on-iphone-12/ target=_ blank>Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12

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