Who is the professional image flagship? Huawei P40 PRO + will know after comparing vivo super large cup

In recent years, the competition among mobile phone manufacturers has become more and more fierce, especially in the competition of taking photos. The release of vivo X50 PRO + has caused a great impact on the mobile phones which mainly take photos. The word-of-mouth and sales volume after the release can also prove this point. However, if it is compared with Huawei’s P40 PRO + which is also the flagship of the Super Cup, can it maintain its current status? Through a few pictures of comparison, we can solve the problem. < / P > < p > first of all, learn about the camera parameters of the two. The main camera of vivo X50 PRO + uses Samsung 50 million gn1 CMOS, 1 / 1.3-inch bottom, four cores and one pixel up to 2.4 μ m, supporting ultra-clear 100 million pixel mode; at the same time, it is equipped with 32 million portrait + 13 million wide-angle macro-range + 13 million periscope long-range lens. Huawei P40 PRO + carries a 50 megapixel main camera, the model is imx700, with ryyb array and 1 / 1.28 inch soles. According to the camera parameters, the night scene and virtual effect of the two should be good. The addition of the bottom and high pixel makes the later cutting more convenient. < / P > < p > first of all, take a look at the performance of the ultra wide angle lens of Huawei P40 PRO + and vivo X50 PRO +. The maximum angle of the ultra wide angle lens of Huawei P40 PRO + is 18 mm, and the maximum angle of vivo X50 PRO + is 120 ° and the angle using optical correction algorithm is 108 ° and the equivalent focal length is 16 mm. Therefore, from the point of view of hardware parameters, vivo X50 PRO + has a wider perspective. This can also be proved from the following actual shooting comparison. When shooting with wide-angle lens in the same position, the picture shot by vivo X50 PRO + will be more advantageous. < / P > < p > because both vivo X50 PRO + and Huawei P40 PRO + adopt 50 megapixel main camera, and the sensor size is very close, so the main camera comparison link can better reflect which camera performs better. In the figure below, the light and shade contrast and color saturation of vivo X50 PRO + are more pleasant. The overall hue of Huawei P40 PRO + is light, which is caused by the lack of green pixels in ryyb array. It is worth mentioning that vivo X50 PRO + also supports 100 million pixel mode, in which the resolution of photos taken in this mode is 11536 * 8690, which gives more space for later creation. < / P > < p > the next step is to compare the telephoto lens. The zoom ratio of the two mobile phones is adjusted to 20 times for shooting. During the shooting process, the anti shake ability of both mobile phones is very good, and even the handheld zoom is quite stable. After zooming in, Huawei’s P40 PRO + is more accurate in detail processing, and details such as plant vein are well presented, while vivo X50 PRO + is slightly inferior. < / P > < p > in the night scene mode, the night scenes of the two mobile phones are compared. From the actual pictures, both of them brighten the picture of dark light scene, and the purity of the picture is relatively good. However, after zooming in, there are some differences. The contrast between light and shade of vivo X50 PRO + is more natural, and the color processing is more in place. < / P > < p > through the comparison of main camera, wide-angle camera, long focus camera and night view camera, it is found that vivo X50 PRO + has no stage fright in the face of Huawei P40 PRO +. It still proves that it is worthy of the title of “professional imaging flagship”. Usually like to take photos of friends, recommended to buy vivo X50 PRO +. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia