Who said that the aging machine has no appearance and experience?

This machine is an upgraded product of 8A. It has continued the positioning and design concept of 8A’s high-quality 100 yuan machine, and brought further upgrading in processor and screen. It is a rare 599 product in 2020.

although this kind of product seems not to have too many bright spots, it has a great attraction for the general public, the elderly users and the spare machine market, and it is also a popular item of brand volume.

redmi 9A still adopts the water drop screen design, adopts a 720p 6.53 inch screen, supports the sunlight screen mode, and has passed the Rhine low blue light eye protection certification, and the appearance is acceptable.

on the back is a polycarbonate back cover. Like 8a, it adopts CD texture design. At the same time, a strip design is added. It is not so monotonous on the whole, but relatively young.

the first advantage of CD texture is to inhibit fingerprint and dirt, and to a certain extent, improve the hand feel. Overall, 9A as a 100 yuan machine, a high sense of quality.

this machine has 3.5mm headphone holes and 1217 high-power speakers. It’s a pity that there is no type-c. however, the price is set there. What kind of bicycle do you want.

in terms of hardware, redmi 9A adopts G25 processor, 4G + 64g memory combination, and the running score of Angou rabbit exceeds 100000, which can be fully guaranteed in terms of fluency. At the same time, the machine supports 5000 Ma + 10 W charging, which can easily meet the high intensity use in 2 days.

in general, as a 599 Grade 100 yuan machine, redmi 9A’s sense of quality and daily experience exceeded expectations. Here is a brief summary of this product: fine workmanship, low price, long service life, smooth use, minimalist desktop utility, 2 + 1 card slot easy to expand memory.

Author: zmhuaxia