Who will be banned after tiktok? Wechat was named by pompeio, and India listed 59 applications

On Monday, U.S. President trump said the app would be disabled in the United States if tiktok had not been acquired by September 15, so there was not much time left for tiktok. On Sunday, US Secretary of state Mike pompeio claimed that some Chinese technology companies “provide data directly to China.”.

although wechat is described as a social network, it is actually much more than that. In addition to messaging and other social activities, it also provides wechat payment, applets, finding dates and getting news. Wechat has more than 1 billion active users.

it is also seen as a key tool in China’s internal monitoring system because it requires domestic users accused of spreading malicious rumors to register facial scans and voiceprints. But in addition, it is said that China often uses it to promote overseas Chinese.

at the beginning of this year, the think tank of the Australian Institute of strategic policy held a seminar to discuss that the app was used to recommend holiday destinations, restaurants, etc. in daily life, but it turned to spread political information in line with the thinking of the Chinese government at critical moments. At the same time, security researchers at CIB recently conducted a study detailing how files and images transmitted between users who are not registered in China are screened to find content that the Chinese authorities consider politically sensitive. It did not find any data blocked, but hinted that the data collected was used to improve domestic censorship in China. Tencent has previously said that all content shared by international users of wechat is confidential.

India previously banned 59 Chinese related applications on the grounds that they threatened the country’s “sovereignty and security.”. Its list may suggest which other Chinese apps may also be banned in the US.

tiktok and wechat are on the list, and other applications include: Baidu map and Baidu translation; microblog; and two video games; scanning omnipotent king and Tencent email.

although these citations were banned at first because of Sino Indian disputes over border issues. But one expert said the desire to help local software developers, rather than “real security concerns,” might have been a factor in the decision. It’s clear that gartham, a senior researcher in London, has been trying to decouple from China’s Research Institute

according to local media reports in India, the government is considering further banning 275 applications, some of which may be more familiar to us users, including: Global Express, a global online shopping platform of Alibaba, a Chinese online retail giant; Netease’s electronic games, which has released a number of marvel superheroes games; Tencent games, including Jue Mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi’s various applications.

Indian media have suggested that supercell, the Finnish game developer, may also be banned in India because Tencent has a large stake in the business.

if the U.S. follows suit, its publisher riot games and fortite’s manufacturer Epic Games may also be implicated by Tencent.

pompeio also said that software for collecting facial recognition patterns deserves attention. Although he did not name any products, many Chinese companies are producing them.

social networking website Kwai and beauty app YouCam Makeup use face recognition algorithms, which are banned by China in India.

in the past year or so, the trump administration has blacklisted dozens of Chinese companies, restricting them from buying American technology without government approval. At that time, China responded that China was firmly opposed to this move. “We urge the United States to correct its mistakes,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said. These companies include: Qihoo 360, a network security company; Dongfang Wangli Technology Co., which produces video equipment; iFLYTEK, a voice recognition service provider; and megvii and sensetime, two face recognition tool providers.

zoom was founded by Yuan Zheng, an American Chinese entrepreneur. The company has been criticized for “mistakenly” making some phone calls through its computer servers in China and for closing the account that once presided over criticisms of Chinese government activities.

the company announced that it would stop providing services directly to Chinese users and would instead provide services through local partners. “We have informed our customers that the regulation will take effect on August 23,” it said in a statement

it is difficult to confirm whether this is a coincidence, but technology companies related to China are trying to take various measures, and do not want to give the United States any chance to question their future technology loyalty. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine