Why are US companies worried about the “wechat ban” in China? German media: banning wechat is the “lifeline”

U.S. President trump signed an executive order on June 6, saying that it would prohibit any U.S. individual or entity from trading with wechat and Tencent in 45 days, so as to achieve the goal of “safeguarding the security of American assets”. The news was widely questioned by the international community. German TV station 14 Daily said that wechat is known as China’s “digital miracle weapon”, and the relevant decision is a “Declaration of war” against it! According to the US 14 daily, a large number of American enterprises carrying out business activities in China are worried about Trump’s “wechat ban”. More than a dozen large multinational U.S. companies, including apple, Ford Motor, Wal Mart, Disney, P & G, Intel and Goldman Sachs Group, recently called White House officials to express their concerns about the decision. According to the report, these American enterprises believe that the restrictions on wechat may weaken their competitiveness in China. “People who don’t live in China can’t understand the impact of the failure of US companies to use wechat, which will lead to a serious disadvantage for US companies facing competitors,” said Allen, President of the US China Trade Council < / P > < p > some analysts believe that if Trump’s ban comes true, Apple will face a particularly high risk. If the US government forces wechat apps to be removed from Apple stores, Apple’s mobile phone shipment may plummet by 30%. Some US companies worry that Trump’s approach may actually prevent them from entering the lucrative Chinese market, for example, they can no longer collect money or advertise on wechat. There are also concerns about whether the ban will cover other platforms of Tencent, such as the entertainment and sports industry in the United States, which is worried that it can not use the data services provided by Tencent: the US basketball team signed an agreement with Tencent sports to provide Chinese mainland with competition content. German media reported that more than 800 million people in China use wechat, accounting for more than 90% of China’s total smartphone users. For China’s “generation Z”, wechat can be said to be the most important partner in their daily life. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic data can be provided by WeChat, which has many functions, whether chat, shopping, payment or display of new crown pneumonia epidemic situation. < p > < p > Germany commented that wechat is the “lifeline” of mutual communication in China, and banning wechat is equivalent to banning the “lifeline”. Wechat is also used by Chinese people doing business in the United States and Americans doing business in China. Trump’s ban is facing a lot of opposition. < / P > < p > in addition to wechat and Tencent, trump threatened to prohibit trading with the parent company of tiktok in the administrative order. According to CNET, tiktok’s US employees are planning to file a lawsuit against the administrative order. The reason is that they believe that the administrative order will make it impossible for employers to pay them legally. Mike Godwin, one of the lawyers in charge of the lawsuit, said the executive order violated the fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution that “no one shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing