Why can’t blacks produce famous scientists? There is only one reason

From the perspective of world history, since modern times, human society has accelerated its development and entered a period driven by industry and science and technology. In particular, the rise of the West relying on modern science and technology has led the world for hundreds of years and has gained numerous benefits.

and especially after World War II, the competition of the whole world ultimately depends on the competition of science and technology. The competition of talents is the most direct competition of scientists. From the perspective of the world’s three major species, both yellow and white, have produced many great scientists. Especially now, scientists of the yellow race are produced in large numbers and even lead the world.

but we can see that only the black group has not produced famous scientists. For this reason, many people don’t understand why black people can’t produce famous scientists? There is only one reason. [88.8 billion] black people account for more than one-fifth of the world’s population. Moreover, the black population has the highest fertility rate, and a large number of black people are added every year.

so according to this trend, the black population will even account for more than one third of the world in the future, so the black population is very large.

but we can see that there are more and more leading scientists in the world, especially famous scientists, who are basically either white or yellow, especially yellow people.

and even in the United States, there are some scientists who are relatively low-end fields. So in essence, it’s hard for black people to produce famous scientists.

for this reason, many people don’t understand that black people have a very good education in many European countries and North America, so it’s not an education problem at all. So why?

in fact, the reason is very simple. There is only one reason, that is, “the problem of intellectual evolution”. We know that black people are the strongest people in the world, and the reason is that black people have evolved mainly in their bodies and limbs.

according to the measurement of black intelligence by many institutions, this view can also be verified, that is, the IQ of black people is generally about 30% lower than that of yellow people and white people.

and the 30% gap, in evolutionary theory, will take at least tens of thousands of years. So according to human evolution, the more developed and advanced human beings are.

on the contrary, black people are the worst in evolution, so black people are closer to animals, that is, they have strong bodies and simple brains. This evolutionary problem is difficult to change through education.

therefore, we can see that the most important reason why black people can not produce famous scientists is because of the difficulties and obstacles of evolution, which will take tens of thousands of years to make up for. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine