Why can’t China blindly target iPhone when the United States restricts Huawei? Gains and losses of boycott apple

Recently, restrictions on Huawei have been intensified frequently in the United States. In the new ban rules in August, Huawei’s way out of the predicament of outsourcing chips was blocked. Under such circumstances, many users launched a boycott of iPhones on the grounds of “patriotism” and hoped that the state would ban the sale of iPhones in China. But blindly targeting the iPhone is not rational.

first, apple created 5 million of the Chinese mainland jobs. After the ban on iPhone, some of them will be affected. It is understood that Apple has more than 700 suppliers all over the world, of which a large part comes from China, and a large part of the revenue of Chinese manufacturers such as gol shares, Pengding holdings and lingyizhizao comes from apple. If you blindly target Apple, it will only cause both sides to lose.

has learned that Apple has created 5 million jobs indirectly and directly for the Chinese mainland, and behind these 5 million people is connected with tens of millions of families. A one size fits all approach to Apple may cause a large number of people to lose their jobs and social stability will be affected at that time. At the same time, Apple’s annual import tax on iPhones alone is as high as 100 billion yuan. Banning the sale of iPhones will have a certain impact on China’s tax revenue. Secondly, apple can promote healthy competition in China’s smartphone market. Apple, a powerful competitor, has promoted the technological progress of Chinese smartphone manufacturers to a certain extent. In the competitive atmosphere of catching up with each other, the progress of domestic mobile phones is particularly rapid. At the same time, Apple has also played a positive role in promoting China’s upstream and downstream industrial chain. It is understood that Apple has strict requirements for manufacturers’ fast delivery capability and equipment accuracy. Under such strict audit standards, many manufacturers who hope to enter Apple’s supply chain continue to improve their own strength and make obvious progress. Overall, Apple has a great impact on China’s smartphone market, which is conducive to accelerating the development of China’s mobile phone industry. < / P > < p > of course, banning the sale of iPhones is not without benefits, which can make more room for the development of domestic mobile phones. The ban on iPhones is undoubtedly an act of “revenge” against the recent moves of the United States. Although this kind of practice can relieve Qi, it will also lead to incalculable consequences. The exchange of views between the two countries is not a child’s “passing house”, and it can not be done casually or taken for granted. What’s more, before China and the United States came to see who banned more and banned more, it would only damage the global market environment and adversely affect the good development of global free trade. Accelerating the development of China’s semiconductor industry, promoting “de beautification” and forming its own core technology are the correct ways for China to get rid of the predicament. Only by forming our own advantages can we be more rigid and not afraid of the US ban. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865