Why can’t contemporary young people become the richest man in China at the age of 30?

Recently, a post-90s netizen asked an interesting question, which puzzled him: Ding Lei became China’s richest man at about 30, Chen Tianqiao became China’s richest man at 30, and Huang Guangyu became the richest man in China at 35. But now young people, let alone become the richest man in China, it is very rare to be the richest man in the village and the richest man in the community at the age of 30. Why is that? < p > < p > This reminds us of Alibaba and Tencent. In recent years, Ma Yun and Ma Huateng have taken turns to take the throne of China’s richest man. At that time, Ma Yun saw the unlimited development prospect of e-commerce in China, which eventually changed the traditional shopping and payment methods of Chinese people, and also brought him huge wealth. The other is Ma Huateng, who developed QQ chat tool in those years, but it was not easy to promote it at the beginning. Ma Huateng once wanted to sell QQ and found a lot of people, but no one wanted to buy it. Finally, QQ has changed people’s traditional way of chatting. They also set an example for contemporary young people to become the richest through hard work. However, it is strange that there are not many young people who really succeed in starting a business, let alone the possibility of becoming the richest person in China. So why is it difficult for contemporary young people in their 30s to become the richest person in China? First, it is relatively easy for young people to start their own businesses in the early years of reform and opening up in the last century or in the 1990s, as long as you are willing to bear hardships. And now more and more businesses! Because, except for a few monopoly industries, all walks of life in China are basically saturated, and there are not many opportunities left for young people. Yu Minhong once said that in today’s rapid development of society, you can think of, others can think of. And once you have an idea, you need huge capital to support it, and you should make the industry in a short time. And can not be the same as the older generation of entrepreneurs, with a few years, more than ten years of time to make the industry bigger. Nowadays, it is difficult for young people to start their own businesses because all walks of life have been saturated, rather than the beginning of China’s reform and opening up decades ago. If you want to be an e-commerce platform, you can’t compare with Ma Yun and Liu qiangdong. If you want to do online car hailing, you can’t beat Didi. If you want to make takeout, it’s better if you want to. Even if you want to do bike sharing, there are enterprises that are ahead of you and have achieved success. Even Wang Sicong has such a good resource background, but when he does panda live broadcasting, he will be bankrupt by his peers, and finally get involved in lawsuits. So, don’t say that it is impossible to become the richest man in China at the age of 30. Even it is very difficult to start a business and survive. < / P > < p > Second, China’s social class has been solidified, and it is almost impossible for people at the bottom of the society to climb to the position of the richest man in China. Because if you don’t have a background and connections, the chances of success in your career are basically zero. In the 1980s, Bai Yansong, a famous host, could also say that a noble son was born out of a poor family. Thanks to China’s resumption of the college entrance examination system, the poor people saw the hope of being outstanding. But now? According to a survey report, the proportion of children from rural or poor families in Tsinghua University is less than 10%, and that in Peking University is less than 17%. However, the number has been greatly reduced every year. In the same way, if you are at the bottom of the society, if you want to climb to China’s richest man, without the help of resources, contacts and relationships, it is unimaginable, and the probability of winning is extremely low. Thirdly, Ma Yun, Yu Minhong, Liu qiangdong and others have achieved success mainly because they have suffered and are willing to bear hardships and have a strong desire to change their fate. But now most of the post-90s are only children with good living environment. They can ask their parents for money from their good snacks and clothes. Many parents have already prepared houses, cars and money for their children. They don’t need them to suffer. Many parents hope that their children will become civil servants or white-collar workers. Today’s young people are not desperate for success. If you think about it, it’s impossible for a child to succeed in starting a business if he is raised from a young age and arranged by all kinds of parents. Don’t talk about becoming the richest man in China. < p > < p > in the past, there were many young people in their 30s who became the richest people in China, such as Ding Lei, Huang Guangyu, Chen Tianqiao, etc., but why can’t there be any more young people in their 30s in China? In the past, the entrepreneurial environment was much better than it is now. In what era and what kind of people were born. What’s more, now that all social strata have been solidified, it is very difficult for people at the bottom of the society to climb up. All walks of life are now saturated, and there is very limited space for new people to develop. Of course, the young people born in the 90s have raised their dignity since childhood, and their spirit of striving for success is far lower than that of those entrepreneurs born in the 1960s. Therefore, from the perspective of comprehensive consideration, it is very difficult for contemporary young people in their 30s to become the richest man in China. 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