Why can’t Huawei P40 be sold now? Listen to the insiders

Huawei P series has always been a high-end flagship series that consumers prefer. This series has created many popular flagship mobile phones in the past. This year, both Huawei p40pro and Huawei p40pro + are designed to be nearly perfect. When Huawei P40 was first launched, it became the ceiling of the flagship. However, after a while, the once highly praised Huawei P40 suddenly died down, and even could not be sold on third-party platforms. Many netizens wonder why Huawei P40, which is listed on the market, is not popular now? In fact, the reason is very realistic. Let’s listen to what insiders say. < / P > < p > first of all, it’s popular with performance and brand influence. The core processor of Huawei P40 is first-class. Huawei P40 is equipped with Kirin 990 processor, 7-nanometer flagship technology and new 16 core GPU. It has strong processing and computing capabilities, which meets the performance requirements of many consumers. In addition, Huawei itself is a well-known mobile phone manufacturer in the world and a well-known brand among Chinese people. Naturally, Huawei will also gain extensive consumer support. < p > < p > and Huawei’s P40 problems make it unable to develop for a long time. Huawei’s P40 mobile phone uses the rear three cameras. Although they are all Leica cameras, they are obviously not functional enough to take more professional photos. Secondly, the battery capacity of Huawei P40 is 3800 Ma, which is even lower than that of some 5g 1000 yuan machines, which is unacceptable to consumers. Finally, Huawei’s P40 screen, with a smaller size of 6.1 inches, is made of OLED, which is not as good as AMOLED. < p > < p > although the performance of Huawei P40 is stable, this mobile phone is not balanced, and even in some aspects, it is not as good as the 5g middle end. Huawei has always been good at cameras. This time, Huawei P40 also cut corners on cameras, making it unable to play its due strength. The battery life and screen are also more concerned by consumers now. Most mobile phone users are heavy mobile users, so they need to use the mobile phone for a long time. The screen directly affects the appearance of the mobile phone, so consumers are all of high standards. However, Huawei P40 this time undoubtedly disappoints many people. It does not do well in these two aspects, or even fails. Therefore, Huawei P40 is a 5g flagship mobile phone that is not worth starting with. Xiaobian does not recommend consumers to use it. What do you think? Science Discovery