Why did anyone insist on the iPhone 6 six years ago? It’s not because of poverty!

As a “moderator party”, the author has been reluctant to change a new machine. The iPhone 6 in my hand has been used for six years, which is also mixed with many memories of youth. It took half a year to buy the iPhone 6,. But after six years of use, the iPhone 6 has shown signs of serious paint peeling, and even the fuselage has some small bending signs. I blame myself for my poor maintenance and fell to the ground in two or three days. Fortunately, the iPhone 6 can still be turned on normally in hand, and it is good to make a phone call as a standby machine. < / P > < p > as the best-selling Apple model in history, the global cumulative sales volume of iPhone 6 series has reached more than 200 million, which is the best-selling mobile phone after Nokia 100. It is estimated that this record will be hard to break in the future! Although the domestic market has entered the 5g stage, many overseas users still insist on using 4G mobile phones. The year before last, this iPhone 6 was one of the top ten best-selling models in the world, and has a high market share at home and abroad. It has been released for six years, and it is indeed the strongest “nail in the door” model of apple. Mobile phone is as like as two peas. The iPhone6 is the same as the new iPhoneSE. < / P > < p > so the question is, this iPhone 6 has been released for six years. Why does anyone insist? The evaluation of fruit powder is very pertinent. From the perspective of appearance design, in fact, the iPhone 6 is not backward. Although it is a 16:9 design, this classic design in the era of jobs always makes people feel memorable. Its home key unlocking even makes me feel better than face ID is more easy to use, especially during the epidemic period to wear masks at any time. Many people also encounter the problem of face unlocking, but this series of problems will not exist with fingerprint unlocking. In particular, the iPhone 6 has a great hand experience. It weighs only 140g, which is much better than 5g mobile phones with more than 200g. Of course, it is better than the iPhone 11! < p > < p > because the signal of iPhone 6 is also very stable, the high-pass communication baseband technology was adopted in that era, and the technology was still very reliable. In recent years, the full screen iPhones all adopt Intel baseband technology, which often leads to signal loss, which is not as easy to use as the “small 6”. Considering that I haven’t upgraded the new system all the time, my iPhone 6 still stays on the IOS 9 of that year. The optimization and fluency of this generation of system are always so reassuring. Although the functions are a little less, the mobile experience is still better. During this period, the author also changed a battery. The capacity of the third-party battery in China is larger than that of Apple original, and the comprehensive standby strength is guaranteed! Unfortunately, due to hardware limitations, iPhone 6 can no longer run large games smoothly, and the speed of opening app is also slow. However, it is worth noting that after iPhone 6 opens the game, although the game loading speed is very slow, the game process is extremely stable and smooth. This is also due to the special operating mechanism of IOS system, but it enters the game After the interface, the flash memory will be released to the game as much as possible, so as not to cause the system to jam! Some people say that the reason why they insist on iPhone 6 is that they don’t have money to replace it. However, most users feel that they have feelings for iPhone 6, and that it can still meet the needs of daily use. This is the power of feelings, not really because of poverty! < / P > < p > although the development of smart phones is very fast, big screen, 5g and high brush have become the trend, but does it really improve the experience? Instead of being heavy handed and not willing to continue to be suck, it is a criticism. So, 6 years ago, iPhone6 had the necessity to continue to exist. Is anyone still sticking to it? American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?