Why did the United States remain silent after the Beidou war ended? Russian expert: no more arrogance

The overwhelming victory of the US military in the Gulf War has made the world realize that the traditional war has become a thing of the past. Now it is a high-tech world. GPS is like a beacon in the battlefield, which attracts the attention of all countries. However, in view of the technical difficulties of global satellite systems, there are only four satellite navigation systems in the world, namely, GPS of the United States and Russia“ GLONASS, Galileo in Europe and Beidou in China, while China’s Beidou came from behind and achieved a perfect ending this year. However, after the completion of Beidou’s global network, the United States, which has been clamoring to interfere with China’s Beidou, has been silent. Why? In the face of this situation, Russian experts gave their own opinions. He said that the United States can’t be arrogant anymore. Why do you say that? Because at the beginning of the development of China’s “Beidou”, the United States did not believe that China could succeed. However, China has not been hit, and has come to this day step by step. Even if the United States is not willing to admit it, it is also beaten by the reality of today. In fact, the development of Beidou is not easy. At first, only the United States owned GPS in the world, so in order to get rid of the dependence on the US positioning system and completely break the monopoly, they started their own research and development. At that time, China was weak, so it chose to cooperate with Europe in the development of Galileo satellite navigation. However, China invested nearly 2 billion yuan in this project, and finally got the exclusion of European countries. China was not allowed to participate in the “Galileo” planning and decision-making bodies, even technical cooperation was not allowed to approach China, so China began to research and develop “Galileo” satellite navigation system Its own “Beidou” system. < p > < p > China has always attached great importance to the development of Beidou. Since the construction of Beidou No.1 system was started in 1994, China has been implementing the development plan of Beidou step by step. Finally, this year, Beidou has completely completed its networking. It is reported that Beidou is composed of 35 satellites, which can provide high-precision and reliable positioning, navigation and time service services for all kinds of users all over the world. The positioning accuracy can be accurate to decimeters and centimeters, and the speed measurement can be accurate to 0.2 meters / second, and the timing accuracy is 10 nanoseconds. Compared with Galileo in Europe, the technology is not mature Half star. < / P > < p > in addition, Beidou has added a special function, that is, short message communication function. Some people may not understand the use of this function. In fact, generally speaking, in the event of unavoidable natural disasters such as earthquakes, Beidou can send its own situation as short message through its own terminal without signal Give them, even in no man’s land, desert, this function is also applicable, easy to seek help from the outside world in time. The opening of Beidou means that the monopoly of GPS in the United States has been completely broken. Even if the United States wants to say something or do something, it is too late. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia