Why did Zuckerberg try to kill tiktok? Super view

In recent days, Tik tok is undoubtedly the most popular topic. The United States, which has always been open and free, has used various means to kill Tik tok, while Zuckerberg, who has always regarded himself as a son-in-law of Chinese descent, also rebelled against the revolution and turned his gun head in the hope of killing Tik tok by external forces. In my opinion, the world hopes to destroy Tik, such as fruit plate point Zuckerberg must be the most urgent celebrity of tok, because Tik tok is another app that is shaking the social empire of Facebook after snapchat. Compared with snapchat, Tik tok is more terrible. Before he founded Facebook, Zuckerberg, together with his roommates Dustin moskovitz and Chris Hughes, launched a project called facemesh, which invited Harvard students to compare the photos of two same-sex students and point out who was the most popular. < / P > < p > in order to operate facemesh, Zuckerberg hacked into the school system of Harvard University and obtained the digital photos of 9 lodgers in 12 dormitories of Harvard University. In the following days, facemesh attracted the attention of a large number of Harvard students without making public, “will others pay attention to our appearance?” “Are we going to be admitted to Harvard because of our looks?” Facial features attracted a large number of students, but also triggered some discussions. They even commented that facemesh “caters to the most vulgar atmosphere of Harvard students”. Soon facemesh was shut down. The management committee responsible for Discipline in Harvard University also punished Zuckerberg for being on probation for security, copyright and privacy. According to the gossip, according to Harvard’s school rules, illegal invasion of the school network and theft of students’ privacy are directly expelled. Zuckerberg admitted his mistake with tears in his eyes, and the disciplinary committee only gave him the punishment of staying in school for inspection after he committed the first offence. < / P > < p > Facebook itself is also a muddle headed account. Zuckerberg’s classmates, Winklevoss brothers, have developed a social networking site called connectharvrd, which can share photos and texts. Due to their limited energy, they came to Zuckerberg to develop it together. After Zuckerberg “studied” connectharvrd, Zuckerberg developed Facebook with his roommates in the same room. Later, the Winklevoss brothers developed Facebook with his roommates After years of trial, the court awarded Zuckerberg $65 million in damages to the Winklevoss brothers. In addition, Zuckerberg teamed up with Sean Parker to dilute and deprive Facebook co-founder Eduardo savilling’s shares, forcing him to leave the company and break with Sean Parker. These experiences are shown in the movies. < / P > < p > after Facebook’s success, Zuckerberg spared no effort to limit potential projects, including scaring snapchat. < p > < p > generally, we think that once social products are formed, they will be extremely powerful and difficult to replace. For example, e-mail and bullet SMS have tried to shake the leadership of wechat, while Tencent Weibo also tried to contain Sina Weibo, but none of them succeeded. However, new social products are not completely without opportunities. If they can take root in younger user groups and attract female users, they may become another unique social platform. Snapchat is an example. < / P > < p > I have analyzed in an article that, including Facebook, snapchat, tinder, Myspace and other famous social products start from young people. This is because young people have strong hormone secretion and great demand for making friends. Once the network effect is formed, it is easy to attract more people to use the product. < / P > < p > why can snapchat attract these young people? In an article, I analyzed that the success of snapchat was “purely accidental”. The product originally designed for chatting between lovers, but with the recommendation of snapchat’s founder’s mother, it took root and sprouted in Orange County high school in the United States, and became a sharp tool for students to pass notes and make notes. < / P > < p > because of the network effect formed in this user group, snapchat began to become popular among high school students in the United States. At the same time, snapchat also developed new functions and optimized performance for this group of high school users, which further made snapchat the preferred product for young people to communicate with each other. Limited by the function of the product, it is difficult for users other than young people to find a sense of belonging. Therefore, it appears that the earliest user groups have determined the main user group characteristics of a social product for a long time. < / P > < p > Facebook has successively acquired instagram and WhatsApp, and has achieved great success. After the rise of snapchat, Zuckerberg has also thrown out his olive branch, hoping to buy this young rival at a sky high price of $3 billion. At the same time, he also gives a multiple choice question: whether to accept the offer, join the Facebook family, or refuse to offer, the Facebook family will Create a “snapchat” and kill the current snapchat. < / P > < p > in fact, Facebook did the same thing. At the end of 2012, Facebook launched an app called poke, a social product with the function of burning after reading, which was launched on the app the next day after it was listed However, only two days later, Poke’s ranking dropped rapidly to No.30, and then dropped to no.700 one month later. On the contrary, snapchat, an app with the same function, had been rejected by Facebook before, and its ranking soared. The way that the acquisition failed to “copy” a new product put Facebook under tremendous pressure of public opinion, and the poor performance of poke user data, Facebook offline the project in May 2014. < / P > < p > then snapchat became a powerful force outside the social empire of Facebook. It quickly won the favor of hundreds of millions of young users born in the 90s and post-00s. What’s more, these young people think that snapchat is “cool”, and Facebook is just a product that the previous generation likes. < / P > < p > today, Tik tok is copying the back of the Facebook family in the same way, and this rival looks more terrifying than snapchat. < / P > < p > Tik tok, a short video product that gathers young users and female users, is bringing great impact to instagram and has global influence. < / P > < p > Tik tok also starts from young people. Tik tok cooperated with MCN in the early stage of the United States and invited people with performing ability to settle in Tik According to the data released by Reuters in November 2019, 60% of Tik tok users in the United States are between 16 and 24 years old. According to internal information, before August 2019, the main active user group of Tik tok was middle school students aged 13-19 years old. Restricted by the laws of the United States, such groups are difficult to commercialize. Therefore, Tik tok has considered adjusting its operation strategy. Google play data released by app ape lap also confirms this data to some extent. Two thirds of tiktok users in the United States are about 20 years old, and female users are almost twice as many as male users. That is to say, for the most important young people and women in social network, they have formed scale in Tik tok. However, the arrival of the new epidemic has greatly accelerated the global popularity of Tik tok. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many people are forced to stay at home. As a result, entertainment apps have become popular. Tik tok is undoubtedly the biggest winner. According to the global list of Qimai, Tik tok almost killed the app store global entertainment list on April 28. < / P > < p > that is, Tik Tok is a short video product that gathers young users and female users, is bringing huge impact to instagram, and has an influence all over the world. From this perspective, Zuckerberg’s style in the past will inevitably use all means imaginable to kill this new thing. 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