Why do American giants dominate the Chinese market while Chinese companies suffer from repeated setbacks?

These companies are not doing well in China, and they have not even been able to enter China. This has something to do with Internet regulation. The United States feels that it has suffered a loss. Now it is trying its best to drive Chinese companies out of the United States. The companies mentioned just now that can’t mix well in China are mainly those that can be replaced by similar companies in China. However, some companies are hard to replace, and American companies do dominate in China. For example, Microsoft has to use the windows operating system. Although there are various LIlux systems that can be developed and replaced, the most difficult thing is who is ecological. Now almost all desktop applications are developed based on windows. Reusing a new system is not a problem, but how to rebuild the ecosystem. < / P > < p > take Google’s Android system for example. Huawei can develop its own system, but the ecology can’t be formed in a day. There are also some high-end software and chip technologies, and these companies are really doing well in China. In addition to Huawei’s own chips, almost all Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have to use the chips from Qualcomm. Now that Huawei has been cut off, it is estimated that Huawei will have to use Qualcomm in the next step. Although the scale of China’s manufacturing industry is very large, there are many manufacturing and processing industries with low technology content, which are numerous and complex. China has a huge export volume to the United States, but there is no absolutely irreplaceable brand. Since the 1990s, the United States has comprehensively promoted the globalization strategy, and the United States has also become the biggest beneficiary of globalization. Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola companies from the United States have entered China in an all-round way. The product lines of P & G company have covered the supermarkets in China, and KFC and McDonald’s are full of streets and alleys < / P > < p > these companies are all American companies, but in fact, we also need to realize that the brands of these companies are the United States, but the factories are actually in China, which also promotes the development of domestic manufacturing industry and drives the development of domestic supply chain. However, the United States can easily earn chain fees, property rights fees and overseas profits by taking advantage of its international advantages, while the United States is just pretending to be deaf On the one hand, it creates trade frictions on the ground of trade deficit, on the other hand, it ignores the industrial outsourcing and international chain income of the United States. < / P > < p > however, the globalization of Chinese companies is not long, and the value of many brands in China is greatly increasing, which makes the United States afraid, so it tries every possible way to prevent the globalization expansion of Chinese companies. In short, China is making every effort to promote the internationalization of enterprises, while the United States is reaping the dividends of internationalization in an all-round way, and is opening up a counter globalization strategy. < / P > < p > therefore, we should find out why the United States has to bite Huawei and byte skipping? Because these two companies are the best companies in China’s hardware and software globalization in recent years, which makes the United States really afraid. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year