Why do Chinese parents believe in the creation of two major mobile phone brands in China?

Among the domestic mobile phone brands, oppo and vivo are well known, and when many people talk about one brand, it is easy to think of another. < / P > < p > this is mainly because the two mobile phone brands are actually from one enterprise, which is known to all Chinese people, that is, step by step. At that time, the music mobile phone was the “leader” of domestic mobile phone sales, and its popularity was very high. < p > < p > later, in the process of the development of the mobile phone industry, Bubugao gradually separated the two brands oppo and vivo, and gradually became the giant of domestic mobile phone brands. Although Bubugao’s mobile phone declined, it derived three categories: VCD, cordless phone and learning machine. < / P > < p > from the perspective of market performance, the sales of these products under step by step high are generally very high. Both learning machines and children’s watches are always the best in the industry. The reason why step-by-step high can achieve such good results is mainly due to the marketing master behind Duan Yongping. As a person who has eaten “buffet” lunch, Duan Yongping has been called the man who understands children’s consumption most in China for years, because the products he sells to children can not only cater to children’s consumption intention, but also make Chinese parents willing to pay for them. < p > < p > take the game console that the post-90s are most familiar with. After the red and white machines were popular in Japan, the domestic game machines generally sold more than 2000, and the average family could not afford to buy them. So Duan Yongping followed suit and lowered the price of the game machine to more than 500. However, in the eyes of Chinese parents at that time, the game machines would affect learning, so even if it was reduced to tens of yuan, no parents were willing to buy them for their children. As a result, Duan Yongping has come up with a way to equip the step-by-step-by-step game machine with a keyboard called “little overlord”. When promoting advertisements, the banner is “learning machine”, which can help children practice typing, do math problems and so on. After such advertisements were launched, parents who bought little overlord were flocking to it. However, aiming at the three words of “learning machine”, the product was popular all over the country at that time. In the era of Chinese parents’ boycott of game machines, Duan Yongping was able to sell little overlord so well, mainly because he always grasped the real needs of children’s consumption and was good at using advertisements to promote them. This is also Duan Yongping’s “masterpiece”. In fact, there are many brands of children’s telephone watches on the market in the past two years. The reason why the little genius telephone watch is so popular is not only because of the strong advertising promotion, but also because Duan Yongping once again grasped the consumer psychology of children. Different from other telephone watches, Duan Yongping added social function to the sales of gifted children. Children only need to touch their watches to add friends. This function can only be realized between the genius watches. Once the children’s ability to communicate with each other on the phone is realized, it means that children’s ability to communicate with each other by telephone is easy to realize. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing