Why do fans say that Reba is “Di Buxiu”? Zoom in on the original picture in the camera. I get it

There are many beauties with high beauty in the entertainment industry, but there are not many artists who really rely on their life pictures to make the circle. Among them, Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, Yang Ying, Liu Shishi and others can be on the list. It’s just that these female artists are the big flowers of the post-85’s, and the rising little flower Dili Reba is also recognized by the audience. After all, whether she goes to participate in variety shows, live or offline activities, her life pictures are very photogenic. < p > < p > but in the entertainment industry, fans generally say that rainbow fart is “refined” in order to praise Aidou’s ability to play! However, Alice is different. If you look at the messages of fans on the Internet, you can know that dilireba is praised as “Di Buxiu”. What kind of high-level praise evaluation is this? < p > < p > then “seeing is believing and hearing is not believing”. Since fans all say that Reba is a typical “Di Buxiu”, I naturally need to compare the original pictures. < p > < p > but at the beginning, I thought that the beauty of Reba would turn over. After all, many goose groups and a certain petal said that the facial features of Reba were old, but I didn’t know what kind of “immortal Fairy” Reba was when I looked at the picture? How could she be so hardy? < / P > < p > it happened that Deli Reba appeared in the offline activities some time ago, and on the day of the event, many fans came to the scene to help reda in order to support the scene of Dido Deli. < / P > < p > it’s just that at the scene of the event, many fans used high-definition SLR or high configuration camera to capture the full range of Reba. But when I zoom in on the original photos in the camera, is it serious? Why does she seem to have her own whitening filter? < / P > < p > continue to enlarge the photo several times. You must have noticed that dilirepa’s facial features are really photogenic. However, when comparing with the original camera, it is obvious that the studio has lagged behind, and our beauties are ugly! This is not, under the focus of high configuration camera, Reba’s face does not look old at all, this time the network keyboard man and black powder can really shut up! < / P > < p > in addition, if you switch the lens from different angles, I believe you can also see that the skin is white and lips are red, and there is super obvious collagen on your face. This time, you will not question the real skin condition of Reba! Although there is no slimming effect, Reba’s arms look a little thick, but she did not put on the camera fat ten pounds, on the contrary, it is a particularly amazing goose egg face! In other words, it’s not bad to have hot wrinkles on her face when she is younger than 28 years old! No, you can see that Reba has excellent congenital conditions, especially her high nose. Even if she doesn’t need to revise the pictures in the later stage, her birth map can serve as a propaganda poster. < / P > < p > to be honest, there is no harm if there is no close-up. It is also captured by the original camera. However, Reba is much better than ordinary people, and its facial features are not inferior to the refined posters of millions of P cartographers! < / P > < p > you should know that every female star in the entertainment industry has a million cartographers. As long as the stars have any publicity activities, the million P cartographers will use layers of beauties and filters before the official blog or studio is exposed to the sun. < / P > < p > but this time, after looking at the map, I found that the work of the P cartographer accompanying the hot PA was very easy. After all, there was no difference between the hot PA Sheng map and the refined painting, and the skin color and skin state were full marks. I would envy this editor. The title of “Di Buxiu” of Reba is worthy of its name!

can be said that it is very relevant to her skin maintenance that she is so valuable. After all, she has been in a short break. After all, she will put on the mask or skin care at home. With expensive cosmetics, she will be young and eye catching. < / P > < p > but the more I look at the “Di Buxiu” picture, the more citric acid I get. If all the girls have the appearance of hot Pa Tong, they will laugh in their dreams! < / P > < p > the above is the whole content of this article. After watching the original film of Reba in the camera, you are convinced of the beauty of Reba this time. But in fact, I want to say that in the future, praising Reba should be compared to “Di Buxiu”. After all, this title is too consistent with her beauty strength. What do you think? Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12

Author: zmhuaxia