Why do high-speed railway attendants always look at mobile phones at work? Official secrets

If you pay attention, you will find that the steward has been staring at the black touch screen “mobile phone” in his hand, even when checking tickets, he still operates the mobile phone from time to time. Today’s popular science road of China Railway: This is not a general mobile phone, its scientific name is “station train wireless interactive handheld terminal”, which can be used for e-ticket verification, remaining ticket query, seat adjustment, online ticketing, lost and found, train broadcast Even in long tunnels, the signal is unobstructed. ” < / P > < p > of course, the functions of interactive machines are far more than these. With the continuous upgrading of railway passenger transport services, the functions of interactive machines will continue to be updated to meet the needs of more passengers. < / P > < p > and what about the crew’s own cell phone? In fact, after entering the train and switching to the working state, the first thing is to hand in the mobile phone. Before the flight attendants work, all mobile phones should be managed in a centralized way, and they should not touch mobile phones for more than ten hours. What’s more, the high-speed railway is so busy that it has no time to play with mobile phones. New product launch