Why do many people prefer glory X10 to Hongmi 10x? The gap is clear at a glance

Thousand yuan mobile phone is a type of mobile phone, although the configuration is not the top level, but it has a huge consumer group. Even this year, the sub brands have launched fierce competition in the market for 5g 1000 yuan mobile phones. Take the old rivals Hongmi and glory as an example. Hongmi first launched Hongmi 10x, and then glory followed suit with glory X10, and they competed in the 5g 1000 yuan mobile phone market. After a long time of precipitation, you will find that the sales volume and evaluation of the glory X10 mobile phone are relatively positive. In contrast, Hongmi 10x, which focuses on the cost-effective Hongmi 5g thousand yuan machine, has not won much favor. As the price difference of 5g 1000 yuan machine, why many people prefer glory X10 to Hongmi 10x? < / P > < p > generally speaking, the price of mobile phones has a greater impact, but because the difference of 5g 1000 yuan machines is not big, the price gap can not be opened. The most important part is the configuration. The screen refresh rate of Hongmi 10x is 60Hz and the resolution is 2400 * 1080. Although the resolution of glory X10 is the same as it, the screen refresh rate of glory X10 reaches 90hz. In terms of technology, glory X10 uses dual-mode and nine frequency, that is, 5g network supports nine frequency bands, which Hongmi 10x can’t do. Technically, glory X10 has the absolute upper hand. < / P > < p > the camera is the difference between the two mobile phones. Most consumers like the mobile phones with better photo taking performance. Glory X10 is very attentive in the camera module, adding ryyb sensor, which makes the main camera have stronger photosensitive performance, and can also shoot in weak light environment. Compared with the common 48 million pixel main camera, Hongmi 10x can not. In addition to these internal configurations, in terms of the design of the fuselage, the glory X10 adopts the extremely smooth design, which makes the handle feel more comfortable than the Hongmi 10x. < / P > < p > glory 10x and Hongmi 10x were originally two products targeting 1000 yuan, but I believe you can understand the reasons for the huge difference in the market after the analysis of the editor. In addition, the camera function of glory 10x is indeed the best in the industry, which is beyond doubt. In addition, the current mobile phone users like to take photos, naturally glory 10x More. In addition, there are some problems with the Hongmi 10x, such as the heavy fuselage and grainy screen, which are relatively large problems and difficult for consumers to accept. In the final analysis, Hongmi 10x does not consider the needs of consumers too much, which makes the configuration function can not meet the requirements of consumers. So if you like 5g 1000 yuan machine, don’t choose red rice 10x, or try glory X10. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing