Why do seeds from space grow bigger? Does radiation make organisms mutate?

In science fiction movies, variation is one of the important sources of abnormal forces, the so-called “rich people rely on technology, poor people rely on variation!”. But in fact, science fiction misleads us in a sense. Most science fiction works are actually magic stories with science as the mantle. For example, the iron man who “loves you three thousand times”, whose energy in his chest is actually the isotope of the original stone of the universe, so it is still magic in essence. If < / P > < p > is magic, it doesn’t need to be so particular, so science fiction basically propagates “pseudoscience”. For example, after experiencing a huge radiation in the experiment or the universe, we can obtain various kinds of magical super powers. In fact, this is impossible to happen in the real world. < / P > < p > then some friends may ask why are space vegetables so big? Whether it is space green pepper or space pumpkin are frightening, does space not give these seeds any “power”? Many people say that evolutionism is wrong in translation, it should be called evolutionism. It seems that this statement can eliminate the public misunderstanding of evolution, but it is wrong. Mutation has no direction, but natural selection has a direction, so evolution is evolution, and there is nothing wrong with it. < / P > < p > mutation is just a relatively random and unstable process. It does not have any bias or preference. It is just a random change of a base pair in the long DNA chain. This change itself may not have any change, because some amino acid codes are one to many, and there may not be any change after the change. It may also change the DNA and eventually translate into an amino acid in the protein. < / P > < p > what changes will this amino acid bring? Generally speaking, it is not a good change, because the biochemical reaction of life is not like an assembly line, but like a big carnival, so the proteins will mix together and react with all the compounds that can be reacted. In other words, if a protein changes its structure, it may cause chaos or even collapse of the whole system. < / P > < p > therefore, from this point of view, the abnormal offspring that can be born are quite severe. Although their variation is unfavorable, they have not reached the level of killing themselves. Most of them will die in the embryonic development stage, so Is this unfortunate or lucky? < / P > < p > in the vast majority of adverse or even fatal mutations, only a few may produce some results with little or even favorable effects, which are the driving force of evolution, the so-called excellent traits. What about these space vegetables? In fact, it is exactly the same as the natural mutation, only accelerated. There are strong radiation and weak gravity in space, which will greatly accelerate the speed of gene mutation. We should know that genes are not transmutation as we think, and there is only one in a trillion probability of mutation for each base copy. If mutations are too easy to occur, then life will be killed by the side effects of the mutation before gaining the favorable traits. Therefore, our breeding methods on the ground have always been hybridization rather than mutation. The essence of hybridization is to collect the favorable mutations accumulated in nature and find ways to integrate them into the offspring through sexual reproduction. Therefore, if we say from the principle, the hybridization conducted by human beings for thousands of years can be called “traditional transgenic”. < / P > < p > for plants exposed to radiation in space, the probability of gene mutation is increased by 10000 times, so we can get a lot of seeds with different mutations. < / P > < p > so what happens to these seeds? Most of them are to be eliminated. Some can’t sprout at all, some grow badly, some have no change, and some even become sterile. < p > < p > this is like panning for gold in the sand. Instead of natural selection, artificial selection only looks for the favorable traits. In addition, some excellent traits are also accompanied by adverse traits caused by other mutations. Therefore, breeding experts must use the traditional hybridization methods to extract the excellent traits, and finally put them into the market. < / P > < p > that is to say, those giant space vegetables are actually man-made structures. If you know the space series well, you will find that there are many varieties that have nothing to do with the giant. It is only because green peppers are so famous that they have left a deep impression on us. In addition, people’s imagination of the “mysterious power” of space has spread widely. < / P > < p > as for human beings, it is even more impossible, because the genes of adults have spread all over the body. There are mutations in radiation exposure in space, but the mutations in each cell are different! What can I do? So even if there will be a particularly severe gene mutation, it will not show, but in case of cancer cells, it can be seen that Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list