Why does Bill Gates say tiktok is a “toxic Holy Grail”?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates answered questions related to tiktok in a recent interview with US magazine, although Microsoft officials have announced that there will be no further response to tiktok acquisition before September 15. < p > < p > Bill Gates is cautiously optimistic about the acquisition. Gates bluntly said that Trump’s attempt to win a percentage for the U.S. Treasury was “strange,” but Microsoft had to deal with it anyway. “Who knows what will happen to this deal,” he added. “< / P > < p > Bill Gates has faded out of the core management of Microsoft, and is not the direct decision-maker to negotiate the acquisition of tiktok. However, as a technical consultant of Microsoft, he will still provide opinions on major decisions of the company. How does gates view tiktok? Perhaps the most significant one in his answer was this sentence, “poisoned chalice.”. < p > < p > < p > “the Holy Grail of poison,” or “the golden goblet of poisonous wine,” comes from Shakespeare’s famous plays, and usually refers to something that looks attractive but may cause trouble. < p > < p > Bill Gates has faded out of the core management of Microsoft, and is not the direct decision-maker to negotiate the acquisition of tiktok. However, as a technical consultant of Microsoft, he will still provide opinions on major decisions of the company. Visual China < / P > < p > tiktok’s main revenue source is advertising. Microsoft’s search product Bing, Xbox and other entertainment businesses, as well as enterprise services, can form synergy with tiktok in business, and further expand the overall scale of Microsoft’s digital advertising business. < / P > < p > What’s more, tiktok’s social media track and its back-up group of young users of generation Z are all things that Microsoft has been trying to grasp but can’t. The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that once it owns tiktok, Microsoft may be regarded as the biggest competitor by Youtube and Facebook. < / P > < p > in expanding the business boundary and broadening the user group, the acquisition of tiktok hides Microsoft’s ambition. It is in the face of such a seemingly “perfect” transaction that Bill Gates issued the warning of “golden cup poison wine”. < / P > < p > because on the other hand, it’s not that simple. For example, Gigi Thorne, a former senior adviser to the Federal Communications Commission, said bluntly that “Microsoft will find itself a problem.”. Because hate speech, false information, malicious attacks and other content always exist in social media. < p > < p > Bill Gates himself had a deep understanding of this information. Since the beginning of this year, he has focused on the fight against the epidemic. “We spent tens of billions of dollars on vaccines to save lives,” he said, but on some social media, someone commented that “we are making money, we are ending lives.”. “< p > < p > these remarks” subvert our values and our historical records to a certain extent, “Bill Gates said.” Internet rumors are very demagogic. You have to be able to identify them. It’s good to let them spread more slowly. “. < p > < p > Bill Gates knew that Microsoft would bring more “frictions” to the relationship between Microsoft and the U.S. government, as well as more new challenges to Microsoft. Visual China < / P > < p > if Microsoft acquired tiktok Such a company with algorithm as its core and a large number of users may rely on “the values of algorithm” to change this situation. When asked about Microsoft’s attitude toward Microsoft’s entry into social media, Bill Gates said it might be a good thing for Facebook to have more competitors, while “it’s incredible that trump is killing the only one.”. “< / P > < p > with Facebook, youtube and Twitter For example, although these products have adopted artificial intelligence technology and employed tens of thousands of content managers to delete misleading content, risky information may still be caught in the net. They have to continue to defend themselves. On the one hand, they have to prove to the U.S. government that they have not manipulated public opinion. On the other hand, they must also face users’ dissatisfaction and query. < p > < p > Bill Gates clearly saw these problems. He said, “it’s not a simple game to make social media big.” tiktok has not only dance, but also political content. He clearly knew that Microsoft would bring more “frictions” to the relationship between Microsoft and the U.S. government, and would also bring more new challenges to Microsoft. < p > < p > Bill Gates is not a target user of tiktok. His knowledge of the app came mainly from his eldest daughter. He wondered why his daughter spent so much time brushing tiktok. < / P > < p > at present, tiktok has about 30 million monthly live users in the United States, of which 42% are between 18 and 24 years old. These are the mainstream users of generation Z in the United States. < / P > < p > young people share entertainment videos such as life, funny jokes and dance movements on tiktok, and also express their views on current political, economic and other social issues through this app. These contents are efficiently and accurately distributed to users through algorithms formed by machine learning, and then some of them form a continuous concern relationship. On June 22, trump held a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was originally an online booking filled event, but the audience was far from meeting expectations, and a large number of seats were vacated in the venue. Trump’s been pigeoned. < / P > < p > one of the most important reasons is that a large number of young American netizens participated in a spoof program, and a large number of users registered for the rally, and then deliberately did not attend. < / P > < p > and the cause of the whole incident was that a netizen named Mary Jo laupp posted a “vent of anger” video on tiktok, because she witnessed Trump’s disregard of the epidemic and the public’s protest, insisting on holding an election party. In the video, she looks serious. “I suggest everyone book tickets and leave trump alone on the stage. “< / P > < p > Mary Jo laupp is not a big v. her twitter account has more than 4000 fans. She is a local musician who calls herself” tiktokgrandma. “. But the video proposal quickly received a large number of young tiktok users. < / P > < p > in the reports of various media, this “empty seat event” reflects the creativity of young representatives and their completely different behavior methods. It is also considered as a bridge between trump and tiktok’s young users. < p > < p > after the news that the trump government would ban tiktok in early July this year, young people in the United States in tiktok launched the “save tiktok” action on twitter. < / P > < p > a tiktok user recorded a video saying that if trump really implemented the “ban”, he would appear in the White House to confront trump. Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of White House adviser Karen Conway, also joined the “revenge” campaign. < p > < p > Juan Booker, the creator of tiktok with 750000 fans, even posted a video on how to brush off Trump’s campaign app. The video has nearly six million hits. < / P > < p > fans responded to the call and poured into the app store to give Trump’s app a star. This makes the download volume of this product soar for a time. According to sensor tower data, its ranking in the apple store rose from 486th to 2nd. According to the evaluation, tiktok has become an important platform for young people to express their creativity and maintain interpersonal communication. Especially when the election is approaching, tiktok has become a channel for generation Z activists and young people with political ideas to organize and distribute political information.

in fact, TikTok and jitter are almost a product form, but they are completely different in two tiktok. In China, it is a leisure and entertainment product for people to kill time, but in the United States, it has a stronger community attribute, and also has the role of young groups to express their attitudes and opinions.

and TikTok have been facing a dilemma in content management. On the one hand, the trump government has accused the government of restricting the “content” of some political issues before, and on the other hand, it has been accused by the same government of “affecting public opinion”. < p > < p > platforms such as Facebook also have such a dilemma, but tiktok is actually under more pressure. Because he brought the younger generation of the United States, get rid of the original influence model of Facebook and twitter platform, and build a new model and new high impact groups. < / P > < p > for American politicians, this is another new challenge that they have just learned how to play with the influence of the Internet. Of course, that’s what makes Facebook look like it’s aching. < / P > < p > while tiktok is facing a ban, Facebook is also stepping up to launch the functional applications of tiktok in its products. For example, instagram launched reels visual China < / P > < p > at present, some officials urge trump to take a stronger stance on tiktok. For example, white house trade adviser Peter Navarro has publicly said that he does not think that selling tiktok to an American company can solve the national security problem. In fact, the second half of the sentence that he is not willing to say is that he is afraid that this new influence mechanism and platform will further make it more difficult for us politicians to master the public opinion of the whole country. < / P > < p > the so-called worry about data security itself is an unwarranted suspicion. What the U.S. government is really worried about is not that China controls American public opinion, but that it is worried about its own management of public opinion. Because today’s model of social media’s influence on social cognition and attitude is completely different from that of traditional media, which makes the U.S. government feel scared. < p > < p > in those years, the United States ignited the “Color Revolution” all over the world. Now, in the case of the death of black Freud, there is almost the same “back fire”. In addition to transferring internal conflicts and manufacturing, this is also the secret intention of the White House to kill tiktok and deter and restrict other social platforms. < / P > < p > as the content media of the Internet transforms from text to video, tiktok has created a way of expression that is different from Facebook and twitter, and this way fully matches the expression habits of generation Z network aborigines. This makes it become a “first bird” by accident. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list