Why does Ma Yun often change mobile phones, but never use domestic Huawei

In the Internet era, smart phones have become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. Whether you are a worthless ordinary person, or the president, President or prime minister of a country, you need to use your mobile phone. And mobile phone is not a “luxury”. Even if it is used by celebrities and rich people, it will not be much different from ordinary people. Of course, there are always some people who like to pay the “IQ tax” and buy some special-purpose computers of the so-called successful people. However, most entrepreneurs and rich people still use some common mobile phone brands, such as apple and Huawei. As the founder of Alibaba and the richest man in China, Ma Yun is one of the first batch of people who have access to the Internet in China. Therefore, he began to use smart phones very early. And people pay great attention to the mobile phone he uses. As can be seen from some photos reported by the media, Ma Yun is also a person who often changes his mobile phone. But on a closer look, netizens are very puzzled about one point. Why does Ma Yun often change mobile phones, but never use the domestic Huawei, but use the US iPhone? < p > < p > in the view of some people, Ma Yun and other entrepreneurs are well-known in the world and often contact with foreign partners. The mobile phones used represent the image of Chinese entrepreneurs, and they should also use domestic mobile phones. As the leader of domestic mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones should be their preferred mobile phones. So, why doesn’t Ma Yun use Huawei mobile phones? The answer to this question is actually very simple. First, compared with Huawei, Apple has risen earlier, established a larger user base and has a higher user viscosity. You know, the emergence of Apple mobile phone can be said to directly promote the global mobile phone market revolution, especially after the release of iPhone 4, smart phones become popular, coupled with the loyalty of iPhone users, it is understandable that Ma Yun prefers to use iPhone. As we all know, the IOS system used by Apple’s iPhone is quite different from that of Android. So after getting used to using iPhone, Ma Yun is not willing to replace Huawei’s Android phone. Moreover, for entrepreneurs of Ma Yun’s level, the mobile phone is really just a communication tool, and the mobile phone brand can not determine anything. As long as the product is of high quality, it will naturally attract Ma Yun’s attention. Even Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, also uses Apple products. < p > < p > therefore, it is not surprising that Ma Yun does not use domestic Huawei, but uses us iPhones. When he chooses a mobile phone, he is just an ordinary consumer. He should have his own choice. He should not overemphasize or even “kidnap” him. Also hope that we do not blindly follow suit, after all, choose a more important your mobile phone is the most important. What do you think of this? Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing