Why does Samsung promote the people friendly Galaxy S20 Fe 5g mobile phone? Close to users can go further

On October 16, Samsung officially launched the latest member of the galaxy S20 series mobile phones, “Galaxy S20 Fe 5g”, for the Chinese market. This product has high refresh rate screen, AI professional photography, super fast 5g, large capacity battery and so on. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that this product is designed to fully listen to the feedback from users and fans. Samsung said that this is a mobile phone prepared for users eager for more diversified functions, listening to the voice of users and fans and tailor-made for them. It is a cost-effective flagship phone with its own “user voice” appearance sound effect. In my opinion, Samsung has launched high-end 5g mobile phones in China, such as Galaxy S20 series, note series, zfold2 5g, Z flip 5g, etc. Although the performance is top-notch, the matching price makes many people flinch. Galaxy S20 Fe 5g is positioned between the flagship and the middle end. It can provide examples to consumers, provide personalized and comparable experience, and meet more young fashion consumers. < p > < p > in the current environment, the competition among leading mobile phone manufacturers is no longer limited to the high-end, but distributed to the whole product line. Compared with that, Apple has launched the se and XR versions of iPhones before, achieving hot sales. Moreover, the epidemic has hindered the economic development of many countries, and people hope to have more choices. < / P > < p > based on the feedback from a large number of users, Samsung collected the most popular and commonly used functions of Galaxy mobile phones, and adopted the popular functions proposed by these users one by one, and finally brought the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g smart phone “designed” by users. < / P > < p > at the previous global conference, Lu Taiwen, President of the mobile communications department of Samsung Electronics, said that this product comes from the voice of users. It is a product with the most favorite and commonly used functions of users through active communication and communication with Samsung Galaxy s205g series users. In other words, Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g is a product designed by Samsung team and “user team”. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that in this Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g, a total of five colors have been launched. These five colors are also the voice of users, including fantasy blue, photosynthetic green, inspiration red, fantasy purple and space white. Each color is the favorite color mentioned in user feedback. < / P > < p > after the color confirmation, Samsung, with its deep industrial design level, applies every color to the mobile phone. Based on the excellent appearance design process, the back of the fuselage is polished to a matte frosted high-level texture, so that users can not only choose their favorite colors, but also have a good hand feeling in their hands. < / P > < p > in addition to adopting user’s opinions on color, Samsung also allows users to participate in many aspects of “design” in mobile camera. At present, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g rear camera adopts the classic three camera, which is composed of 12 megapixel ultra wide angle camera, 12 million pixel wide angle camera and 8 million pixel long focus camera. The rear camera system also integrates the user’s favorite spatial zoom function, which can support up to 30 times zoom and realize 3 times optical zoom at the same time. < / P > < p > moreover, for users who like to take photos, the machine inherits the AI one button multi shot function of S20 flagship, allowing users to take multiple photos and videos in different modes or filter effects by pressing the shutter button. In response to the feedback from users who often take self portraits, Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g has adopted a 32 million pixel self portrait camera to help these users record their most beautiful self and take moving pictures in dark light. < p > < p > the current 5g era is coming, especially in China, 5g is developing rapidly and the user demand is strong. Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g also brings together many 5g configuration specifications that make users excited. First of all, in terms of processor, the machine adopts the high-end flagship of this year with high-end processor 865. At the same time, it supports dual-mode 5g network connection, enabling users to enjoy ultra fast download, watch online high-definition video, live broadcast, etc. < / P > < p > in addition, in order to match the increasing needs of users in 5g era, the machine also has 8GB of running memory and 128 / 256gb storage space, and is equipped with a memory card that can be expanded to 1TB, so that users can easily store massive photos and videos. Equipped with 4500mAh super large capacity intelligent battery and super accelerated charging technology, it can not only meet the user’s demand for one day, but also provide excellent service for heavy users The life experience. < / P > < p > in addition, it is worth mentioning that the 120Hz refresh rate screen, which has become the “flagship standard configuration” this year, is also applied to Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g, so that users can enjoy a more comfortable and all-round experience through a smooth and smooth screen while having strong performance power. < / P > < p > it can be seen that Samsung, whether from the perspective of continuation or innovation, is from the perspective of consumers. It can be said that Samsung has its own “user voice” appearance sound effect. < / P > < p > I don’t know what you found after watching the performance pricing of Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g mobile phone? In my opinion, the mobile phone market is like a besieged city, low-end want to enter the high-end, high-end brands also want to go down to get more users. In the past year, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have racked their brains to become high-end flagship, while Apple has continuously extended the price of iPhone series. Especially under the influence of this year’s special economic situation, mobile phone manufacturers also need to expand the market to attract more consumers. In the current situation of fierce competition in the middle end market, the head manufacturers began to use the continuation model of flagship products to explore the secondary market, so as to stimulate more consumers to buy. < p > < p > previously, Apple launched the se and XR versions of the iPhone, and the galaxy S20 Fe 5g mobile phone launched by Samsung this time is a powerful exploration of Samsung’s flagship series and a significant enrichment of its product line. < / P > < p > throughout the top ten brands, few manufacturers can cover the whole price range. But Samsung is one of the best – perhaps one of the reasons Samsung has been number one in the global market for many years. We can see that Samsung’s product line layout is neither as monotonous as apple nor as gaudy as some domestic mobile phone manufacturers, so it is impossible to distinguish the differences. What Samsung product family presents to us is that it can accurately meet the various purchase needs of users. < p > < p > specifically, Samsung Galaxy a has been firmly occupying the midrange mobile phone market. Samsung Galaxy S / Note double flagship keeps leading in the high-end market. Galaxy S series focuses on young and fashionable appearance and cutting-edge entertainment; Samsung Galaxy Note Series pays more attention to business and large screen experience. < / P > < p > with the advantages in the flagship market, Samsung has not been complacent. It has been exploring new product forms, such as the world’s first Galaxy fold with internal folding screen. It shows the world Samsung’s technical strength and explores the development of mobile phone forms in the future. With the maturity of 5g technology, folding screen mobile phone will inevitably derive a lot of novel interaction methods. < / P > < p > this year is in the cold winter of mobile phone market, which is a test for all mobile phone enterprises and an opportunity for enterprises with real technical strength. Samsung has continued to invest in the upstream and downstream research and development of mobile phones, gaining a leading edge in the supply chain. Samsung has also realized the accurate judgment of technology development trend for many times. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic that swept the world has caused serious problems in many industrial chains. The demand for consumer goods in the global consumer goods market is also shrinking. The impact of the epidemic directly reduces the enthusiasm of consumers to consumer electronics products.

< / P > < p > in order to increase revenue and expand product line, the head brand chooses to launch flagship products in continuation category to stimulate customers’ purchasing power. But the epidemic will be over and the production capacity of mobile phones will be restored. What will the competition in the mobile phone market look like in the future? What preparation should mobile phone enterprises make? < / P > < p > when the mobile phone market stalled, Samsung quickly launched the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g through adjustment and diversified product capabilities. In terms of performance, the mobile phone not only retains the core competitiveness of the product, but also adds further innovation to meet the expectations of consumers. < / P > < p > the strategy of designing products around user needs is not a temporary decision. Samsung said that in the future, it will continue to launch “flagship extension” products, and launch precise and segmented flagship series products for different groups, so that more consumers can experience Samsung’s high-quality products. < p > < p > the author’s analysis does not necessarily fully grasp Samsung’s intention, but in any case, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Fe 5g shows its sincerity in serving consumers and its determination to change. < / P > < p > as Samsung said in the global debut of Galaxy S20 fe5g, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g is a further continuation of this series, and also a good start. We hope to bring meaningful innovation to more consumers together with Samsung users, so that more and more people can experience better Galaxy products. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo