Why does the iPhone power up fast? Three reasons have been officially confirmed. Cook’s move is “really damaging”

IPhone is very popular in the mobile phone market, but people who have used the iPhone know that iPhone has a disadvantage, that is, the power consumption is very fast. Why is this? There are three main reasons that have been confirmed. Cook has so many “routines”. Apple mobile phone users should tell each other quickly! < p > < p > Apple is a high-tech company in the United States, which is popular all over the world. Its products such as apple mobile phone, Apple Computer and iPad are very popular with users. There are many loyal fans, especially Apple mobile phone. Every time Apple officially releases a new mobile phone, there are countless people waiting to buy it. However, with the rise of some mobile phone brands in China, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo, the market of Apple mobile phone is no longer the same as before. It is indeed somewhat backward. However, it has to be admitted that Apple mobile phone itself is very powerful, so it is expected to seize the market again. < / P > < p > I believe that every brand of mobile phone has some big and small shortcomings, and the same is true of Apple mobile phone. Although the performance of Apple mobile phone is very good in many aspects, there is a big problem in battery selection and endurance. The battery capacity of Apple mobile phone is relatively small, which is still a big gap with the battery capacity of Android phone. < / P > < p > many apple mobile phone users said that the battery capacity of the mobile phone itself is relatively small, and it is particularly easy to run out of power in daily use, which is a big problem for users. It is also inconvenient to carry a power bank when going out. It is very difficult to handle once an emergency occurs. In fact, the apple mobile phone consumes power fast for no reason. After analysis and investigation, there are three reasons Since it has been officially confirmed, let’s take a look at the three reasons. < / P > < p > as apple mobile phone users all know, apple mobile phone will automatically set the function of opening and positioning at the beginning of use, and has been on since then, in order to facilitate mobile phone users and mobile phone intelligent assistant Siri to talk at any time, ask questions such as weather, address, navigation, etc., Siri can also answer users’ questions at the first time Most people still think that this is very convenient to use and can solve problems such as route navigation anytime and anywhere. < / P > < p > and Siri can do this, in the final analysis, because the mobile phone has the location function, Siri can query the route anytime and anywhere and send it to the mobile phone users. As far as Siri itself is concerned, it has no positioning function. Once the positioning function is turned off, Siri will not be able to provide mobile phone users with these location services anytime and anywhere. < / P > < p > it is also very important that we do not always stay stationary when we use mobile phones, especially when we want to navigate to a certain place, we will move constantly, and the surrounding environment will be different. Moving means that the positioning data needs to be updated at any time in the background, and the update process must consume power. If the mobile phone is always on, it will be necessary to use the power With the positioning function, it has been in a state of power consumption. Over time, the power consumption will be large. Therefore, if you usually use Siri less, you can turn off the positioning function directly in the mobile phone settings, which can reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone to a certain extent and save the power consumption. < / P > < p > in the process of using apple mobile phone, when downloading and installing some software, once the mobile phone user starts to use the downloaded and installed software, the system will push the information notification function of the software by default. Some of these information are advertising notices, some are news information, and some are mobile phone software update reminders. The existence of the notice means these software The software is still running automatically in the background, because only when it is running, the notification message of the software can be successfully pushed out by the system, and the automatic updating of some software can be carried out. This process is very power consuming for mobile phones. < / P > < p > and each time the notification information is pushed, the mobile phone will have relevant reminders, there will be voice reminders or the mobile phone screen will light up. As soon as the screen is on, the phone’s power consumption will follow. We must know that our mobile phone must have more than one software, which makes up a lot. It is conceivable how much power is consumed by many software together. Therefore, after downloading and installing mobile phone software, you can turn off some unnecessary information in the settings to reduce power consumption. < / P > < p > when using software, many mobile phone users directly open another software without turning off the mobile phone software, and this operation is more than once. Few users clean up the background software of their mobile phone after using the mobile phone software. Generally, they only want to clean up the mobile phone background software when the mobile phone feels stuck One advantage of IOS system is that it can be used smoothly. Even if you have a lot of background software running at the same time, the mobile phone will not feel stuck. < / P > < p > therefore, unless the user has this habit, few people will notice the problem of cleaning up the background software in time. However, the background software that is not closed is always running, which will always consume the power of the mobile phone. Therefore, in order to reduce some unnecessary power consumption, we still need to develop the habit of turning off the unused background software, and The habit of cleaning up the background of mobile phone. This can reduce a lot of unnecessary power consumption. < / P > < p > the three reasons mentioned above, such as turning on the positioning function, not closing the software notification information, and not clearing and closing the background software in time, are all factors that affect the power consumption of Apple mobile phones. It can also be said that many apple mobile phone users have not paid much attention to. The existence of these reasons will make the Apple phone consume some unnecessary power. Although the problem is small, it has a positive effect At the same time, it will shorten the service life of the mobile phone to a certain extent. There are many cook routines, which are too “damaging”. < / P > < p > therefore, in order to ensure that the power consumption of Apple phones is slower and the service life is longer, we still need to pay more attention to the above three reasons. If we don’t need to use Siri, we should turn off the positioning function; if we don’t want to receive the software notification information, we should close it in time after downloading and installing; we should close the unused mobile phone software in the background in time, and clean the mobile phone regularly. In addition, there is also a very important, that is to replace the apple mobile phone battery, not as low as before. Now the price has increased. If we want to reduce this expenditure, we’d better pay attention to the three reasons mentioned above and protect our mobile phone. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer