Why doesn’t “flight mode” be cancelled? Experts tell you the truth, but you can’t use it

Today’s society, with the continuous development of our science and technology, now in many aspects of our daily life and mobile phones present a state of association. From the connection between our daily life and our relatives and friends, to listening to music and watching videos in our daily life, and even in the process of shopping and taking a taxi, we are almost inseparable from mobile phones. Especially in the era of increasingly developed Internet, e-commerce and mobile payment and other emerging products are popular in our market, mobile phone has obviously become an indispensable part of our daily life. < / P > < p > the market is determined by the demand for mobile phones. As the market demand for mobile phones is increasing, the market will also grow. In the face of such a market situation, the market has gradually begun to appear a variety of mobile phone manufacturers. And the mobile phone as a new product of our high-tech, its change and upgrade speed is also extremely fast. In terms of appearance, we have successfully transformed from flip and slide cover machines to today’s touch-screen intelligent machines. Nowadays, there are various types of mobile phones on the market. In addition, as a high-tech product, the mobile phone also carries some related black technology functions. < / P > < p > some things rarely used in our daily life, such as the “home key”, but with the continuous transformation and upgrading of our mobile phones, the use of this aspect has been successfully eliminated by the society. In addition, in fact, in today’s mobile phones, there is still a seemingly chicken ribs function, which has been retained until now. That’s the flight mode in our cell phone. Due to our daily life, are extremely less used, so relatively speaking, many users have not been eliminated for the matter and have doubts. For this reason, many people in the industry said: in fact, it is not that this function is useless, but that the vast majority of people do not correctly open the use of flight mode. So what kind of functional properties are implied behind black technology, one of the flight modes? < / P > < p > presumably, when we use mobile phones in our daily life, we still encounter the situation that the signal of your mobile phone is weak or even there is no signal. However, for the vast majority of people, in the face of this situation, they choose to take their own mobile phone to restart this method to re configure our mobile phone network. In fact, we don’t have to do this because relatively speaking, our flight mode has the function of restarting the network. We just need to turn on the flight mode of our mobile phone, and then choose to turn off our flight mode after about 10 seconds. In fact, this wave of operation can successfully reset our network, and we can save compared with the operation of restarting our mobile phone A lot of electricity. < / P > < p > it must be that when we are having leisure and entertainment in our daily life, one of the most annoying things is that when we play games, someone’s phone and SMS harassment will have an impact on our game results. And the opening of flight mode can help us to solve this problem. After we choose to turn on the flight mode, under normal circumstances, our data traffic will be turned off. In such a case, for our mobile phone, there must be no way to carry out a normal call, receive SMS and other related activities. But relatively speaking, after our mobile phone has turned on the flight mode option, in fact, we can still turn on our WiFi option normally, and can successfully connect to the wireless network for use. In this way, we can continue to play the mobile phone without disturbing. However, it is worth noting that only after we turn on the flight mode, can we turn on the wireless network normally. In the face of the performance of the flight mode, it has to be said that for heavy fans of the game, it is an extremely big gospel. < / P > < p > as we all know, nowadays, in our daily life, it can be said that it is almost everywhere, and it is extremely necessary to use mobile phones. However, for us, mobile phone power is limited. Especially when we play games, the power consumption of mobile phones is often faster. Even if we only turn on the mobile data, or the wireless network, the power consumption of our mobile phones is very fast. In terms of more power consumption, the flight mode can help us to improve such a situation to a certain extent. In short, if the flight mode of the mobile phone is turned on, the charging speed of our mobile phone can be greatly improved. Although the function of flight mode is relatively simple, it is a very practical function in many critical times. < / P > < p > for a series of functions of flight mode, although they are quite simple functions to a large extent, they are also a very practical function in daily life. In fact, the mobile phone as a product of our high-tech, and also after so many upgrades, so relatively speaking, for any of its functional nature of existence will not be groundless, presumably there is a reason for its existence, just need us to explore it. After so many examples about the reasons for the existence of flight mode, a natural result is that we have no idea about its function. It is precisely because of the powerful skills implied in the mobile phone that people have such a great attraction for the existence of the mobile phone. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Author: zmhuaxia