Why don’t we boycott apple? Now understand: not only meaningless, but also angry!

Since the United States, which is far away from the other side of the Pacific Ocean for some reason, began to compete with us in economic and trade, many of our high-tech enterprises have been restricted to varying degrees. Huawei is particularly “dazzling”, not only in terms of hardware control, but also in software services are “handcuffed”. Show cut off Google services, followed by chip supply, this series of operations brought a choice to many of our netizens:

we have to admit that our “teammates” are very protective. Even if Huawei P40 adopts the screen mix and match, even if the glory changes its name and shell, it still sells at a high price. Even if Huawei is suspected of being involved in false publicity in its publicity, this is the case So Huawei is still on the throne of national pride. As a result, in the purchase of the machine, almost most people choose to replace Huawei. Therefore, apple is not in a good position in China. Even its tiny market share is not only a laughing stock, but also a precursor of “no”.

is Apple really not going to work? This may be a topic that many netizens pay more attention to. After all, although Apple’s share in the domestic market is gradually shrinking and its sales volume is also gradually decreasing, there is still a large group of supporters. Therefore, Xiaobian took advantage of the problem to collect relevant data. Whether Apple is OK or not, we talk about the data.

first of all, although Huawei’s voice in China is very high, according to the data released by authoritative statistical agencies, the most popular brand is still apple. Moreover, with its excellent performance and price advantages, the iPhone 11 has successfully defeated Huawei and other friends, and successfully continues to be the crown of the hottest item. In the Q3 quarterly report released by Apple at the end of July 2020, cook specifically pointed out that the performance of the iPhone 11 exceeded everyone’s expectation, including himself, and then I got a consistent answer in the authoritative statistics of counterpoint.

and through data collection, I also found a particularly interesting thing, that is, the polarization in the domestic smartphone field is particularly serious. Sales of fire flagship gear basically maintained at 5000, on the contrary, it is about 1000 yuan entry-level models, and 2000-3000 this gear is particularly obvious. Moreover, under the same level of competition, Apple’s competitiveness is particularly strong. Among them, 5000 brands are dominated by iphone11, while 2000-3000 brands are started by the latest iPhone 2020. It can be seen that apple in the Chinese market is not as bad as you think, but also has considerable strength, how about? Not irritating?

in addition, apple is quite strong not only in China, but also in other international markets. The same data from counterpoint shows that iPhone 11 is the best-selling smartphone not only in China, but also in the United States, Germany, Britain and Japan. Japan is particularly interesting. As we all know, Japan has given special support to local enterprises, almost to the extent that they have no brains, but they are still captured by apple, which shows that their strength can not be underestimated. Separately, apple, the top five in the U.S. market, has three seats, the UK has the top four, and the German market is still dominated by the iPhone 11. It can be said that in the eyes of our netizens, “no” Apple may not close down in the short term.

we can all see how fierce the competition in the mobile phone industry is. After the fierce competition, Samsung is the only foreign brand in the domestic smartphone market, except for apple. Although the market share and sales volume are a miserable scene, we have to admit that many people still insist on using Samsung. Even though Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi and vivo have been changed in product strength and technological innovation, they still can not shake the status of these users in Apple Samsung. I think our major manufacturers should think carefully about this. After all, they also do mobile phones.

and the most important thing is that although it has a good reputation in China, once it goes abroad, it will shrivel eggplant. At present, in addition to Xiaomi’s success in India, other brands may be banned at any time. So I think that although domestic mobile phones have a firm foothold in the domestic market, they do not have the strength to go abroad to compete directly with apple and Samsung.

why don’t domestic brands have the strength to compete directly with apple and Samsung? Personal understanding is still ecological imbalance after all. Looking back on the release of Apple’s products, I come to a conclusion: Apple’s ecology is invincible! We’re going back to the iPhone 4 era, when you might be willing to pay for the amazing retina screen, but now you’ll find that you use Apple no longer because of its product features, but because it’s completely dependent on its ecology.

in recent years, Apple has been emphasizing hardware, software and services. And many times because of one of the blocks held a large-scale press conference or something. Facts have proved that Apple has also made these three regions among the top echelons of the industry, with strong hardware, high-quality software and humanized services. In contrast, even Huawei, which is not popular now, can not fight back in front of apple in these three regions. At last year’s WWDC conference, apple officials also gave a detailed explanation of Apple’s ecology.

it can be said that Apple has brought the concept of “technology is the first production” to the extreme, and its so-called ecology is also very simple, that is, products – users, how important users are to an enterprise. I think all of you here know better than me, while domestic brands are playing the gimmick of “serving users” but not being practical, such as P40 Screen mashup behavior and Huawei’s glorious “dolls” behavior are all behaviors that harm the interests of users. Therefore, I think the strength that domestic brands do not have is precisely this point and the most important point. I don’t know if what I said is reasonable? Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo