Why hasn’t fax machine been eliminated?

Beijing Science Center is a large science and technology venue open to the public built by Beijing Association of science and technology. It is a public welfare social science popularization education base serving the public. < / P > < p > when it comes to “Fax”, have you ever tried to send a fax but couldn’t find a fax machine, or found a fax machine but found no one around you who could use it < / P > < p > do the “walls” you encounter in fax machines make you hate such clumsy and useless equipment? Why do you still have to retire in such a developed information age? < / P > < p > fax is a kind of electronic communication technology used to transmit copies of documents, and the fax machine is responsible for sending these documents. In fact, the information transmitted by fax belongs to image communication. Image communication can be divided into still image communication and moving image communication. Fax is a kind of still image communication, which can be permanently recorded on paper or photos. Fax is the earliest method used and developed in image communication. As early as 1843, British Bai Ying invented the fax principle. In 1849, Bell invented the principle of cylinder scanning. < / P > < p > but even with some basic concepts and theoretical support, the key elements needed in the fax machine were still very imperfect at that time. Therefore, the fax machine with high efficiency and stable work did not have the soil for further development at that time. This situation lasted until the 20th century, when the fax machine gradually entered the practical stage, it finally ushered in the opportunity of change. In 1925, American telephone company completed the development of modern fax machine, and opened the wired photo fax service across the American mainland in 1926. Since then, fax communication began to be popularized all over the world. < / P > < p > throughout the renewal cycle of fax machine, although it is not a pioneer, compared with e-mail, the next widely used technology to send scanned documents in electronic form, fax machine can take about 100 years in the morning. From this point of view, the fax machine can be called the elder in the field of communication. < / P > < p > if the fax machine has become the leader in the communication industry with its advanced fax technology, the modern digital office that has sprung up now can fully realize the working effect of fax, and even make the fax machine dwarfed. < / P > < p > in terms of speed and efficiency, the speed of fax is almost the same as that of the previous dial-up modem, or even slower. Due to the restriction of audio signal and data transmission in telephone line, its speed is not high. On the contrary, modern transmission speed is running at the speed of several megabytes per second. Therefore, if you happen to have a large pile of documents in urgent need of processing, obviously the fax machine can not solve your urgent need. < / P > < p > in addition, because the fax machine is mainly black-and-white scanning, and its resolution is not high, it means that the effect of the fax machine in transmitting high detail images will be greatly reduced. This has no competitive advantage over flat-panel scanners, which can now transmit more high-definition file data. < / P > < p > however, even if the fax machine has some difficulties in following up the development of the times, we still have to admit that today, the fax machine still has many advantages, and it is these advantages that make it still firmly occupy a place in our modern office life. < / P > < p > compared with other means of communication, fax can be said to be the lowest cost and reliable choice. This is mainly reflected in its parts and working principle. In fact, a typical fax machine can operate in a more simple way than a paper-based one. < / P > < p > in fact, when a fax machine is working, it will treat each piece of paper as a large grid. When scanning a document, the fax machine scans one line at a time, and converts the black and white color of each square into different electric signals. < / P > < p > the electrical signal is sent to the receiving fax machine through the telephone line, and the receiving fax machine uses its built-in needle, ink-jet or laser printer to print the image. At the same time, in the process of fax, there is no need to rotate, adjust the size, print accessories and other trivial steps. This almost “one-step” process can be said to be both economical and convenient. < / P > < p > in terms of privacy, fax is the first choice to be considered. This is especially true for organizations that need to deal with sending and receiving entity documents frequently. For example, law firms and medical offices need to receive physical documents frequently. Mailing the original is more formal than fax, but the privacy is not enough, especially when it involves trade secrets, the security of e-mail is much worse. < / P > < p > if the contract and lawyer’s letter are involved, the function of fax to realize the confirmation function of both parties is particularly prominent, which is more obvious when it involves handwritten signature. < / P > < p > since the Sony black incident in 2014, the fact that some Hollywood enterprises have started to use fax machines again is also evidence of this “old man” showing his skill again in the field of communication and office. < / P > < p > this is largely due to the fact that fax machines do not require networks. Generally speaking, the ordinary telephone line is often more reliable than the network connection. If your WiFi happens to fail, then the fax machine nearby will be a good backup tool. < / P > < p > perhaps, with the development of technology, the older generation such as fax machine will fade out in the “out of tune” with the development of the times, but at present, it is obvious that it is still a long way from retirement. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing