Why Huawei mate40 “exposed” overnight? Netizen: Yu Chengdong worries that iPhone sales are too high

It seems that Huawei has never had such problems in the past. For Huawei, the appearance and configuration of flagship mobile phones of this level can only be fully known at the time of press conference. However, this time, the unified and complete exposure of the real machine drawing, external packaging drawing and hardware parameters has been exposed. < / P > < p > netizens began to have all kinds of reverie. Is it because Huawei has been under pressure from iPhone 12 sales this year that it is forced to rely on exposure of real machine content to prevent users from placing orders? < p > < p > I thought that the performance of iPhone in China this year would be unsatisfactory. Huawei was expected to let the mate40 series hit another wave of sales, but I didn’t expect that because of 5g network, so many people are ready to replace a new generation of Apple phones, and even apple has sold out for the first time in recent years. < / P > < p > this is something that many practitioners, including many friends, have never thought of. Huawei thought that there was still a chance to make iPhone the target of ridicule at its press conference, but when it found that others had sold out, no matter how much ridicule couldn’t play a significant role. How can such a situation work? With a few days to go before the official launch, Huawei decided to come up with more material to make consumers hesitant. < p > < p > although Huawei still focuses on cameras this time, and even we can predict that the top position of Xiaomi 10’s supreme edition is basically finished and ready to give way to the talents, we didn’t expect that Huawei’s preheating content has come to the content of air separation operation. < p > < p > six years ago, Samsung used black technology such as eyeball and space separation operation on its flagship aircraft, but it eventually became a chicken rib function because of its poor recognition rate. Now Huawei is releasing this technology as a black technology again. Is it because and mature that it can change the way people use mobile phones? < / P > < p > the success of mate20pro Series in those years is giving Huawei more enlightenment. It needs not only powerful cameras, but also more black technology, so that more ordinary consumers will be able to see these functions in front of their eyes before they become popular. < / P > < p > this time, we may see a super flagship product with six cameras on the Porsche version, which seems to be worthy of the expectation of photography enthusiasts. Are you ready to abuse the so-called Dolby vision on the iPhone? < p > < p > Huawei may not use high-end flagship mobile phones in the true sense for a long time in the future. After all, Huawei does not have the support of chip technology, so it can only temporarily mix with the low-end product line in the future. Although it has Hongmeng system, it does not have high-end hardware products, so its future survival will become a big problem. < p > < p > the mate40 series has no idea that it has become a battle of honor for Huawei. If the company fails to compete with the iPhone, Huawei is likely to be the brand that left the market in dismay. However, if it can successfully beat the iPhone, Huaai will still become the hope of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in the eyes of consumers. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia