Why Intel 10 generation CPU decryption become the “Pizza Hut” in the game field

On August 6, for domestic media, Intel invited Mr. Tang Jiong, general manager of Intel retail sales group, and Intel technical experts to hold an online sharing meeting on test results of mainstream games. < p > < p > this meeting introduced the latest developments of Intel and shared the comparative results of 35 dominant amd platforms among 36 games. Expert Liu Xiaofeng also introduced the technology of Max 3.0 acceleration and the overclocking method of 10 generation core. For most games, it is very difficult to optimize multi-core in the development process. Therefore, the current mainstream online games and single-machine games generally use only 4-6 cores. As a result, the more cores there are, it does not necessarily have a great advantage in the game. Some cores are idle or run at low load. < / P > < p > there is a big difference between the 10 generation core processor and the previous generation core processor in terms of technology. Intel has added the technology of REMAX to accelerate Max 3.0. This technology can make the core of each processor with stronger comprehensive constitution stand out and run at higher frequency. < / P > < p > < p > REMAX accelerated Max 3.0 technology can identify the core of the best performance, which can be used to improve the performance of desktop computers. For example, 10900k has 10 cores, and 2 of the 10 cores are relatively stronger. When there are many task loads in the running process, the corresponding loads will be automatically transferred to the two strongest cores. < / P > < p > ruipin accelerates Max 3.0 technology and many other technologies, which comprehensively help the player’s CPU to improve the frequency, thus improving the game player’s experience in the actual game and the income of fluency. < p > < p > Intel XTU, which is a software for overclocking enthusiasts launched by Intel. Through downloading from Intel’s official website, the strongest core of the current processor can be seen in XTU, which is displayed in the way of “asterisk”. At the same time, when the load of the processor meets the relevant conditions, the system will automatically allocate the tasks to the two cores to calculate with higher frequency. < / P > < p > use the CPU-Z software, open the pull-down triangle behind the tool, select the clock, and you will see the 10 core processor. As shown in the figure below, the core i9-10900k is tested, and the core 0 / 1 is the two strongest cores. < / P > < p > at the same time, the general players who are interested in Intel ruipin accelerated Max technology 3.0. Even if there is no profound technical background, we can also find the strongest core by pushing the third-party software “driving life – one click overclocking”. We can see that driving life has also found two strongest cores: 0 and 1. < / P > < p > if the player’s processor supports this technology, click the middle button in easyoc to find the strongest core of your processor in the pop-up window. Again, these two cores will automatically improve your performance. < / P > < p > in addition, the new version of “driver life – one click overclocking” software also opens the support for Intel’s 10th generation core processor overclocking. The latest models supported include core i9 10900k / KF, Core i7 10700k / KF, and core i5 10600k / KF. Players can complete overclocking by clicking the “one click overclocking” button. I believe many users have heard of this technology, but too complex operation threshold and high hardware cost often deter players. So overclocking has gradually become a DIY player’s exclusive logo, over time evolved into, we think this is a special skill of computer professionals. Therefore, for most users, the function of one button overclocking is not available. Intel core processor has always been the first choice of game processor, especially for players who like to toss and turn, overclocking has become a must after getting the core processor. And the processor with the suffix K at the end has naturally become the preferred choice for overclocking players. Overclocking can really improve the performance of the computer, in order to get more powerful performance output. < / P > < p > through the above analysis and measurement, we can feel the convenience of “one button overclocking tool” and its strength in improving CPU performance. Although we all know that changing the clock frequency of the processor may damage the processor and other system components, or shorten their service life, and may also reduce the stability and performance of the system, the “driver life one key overclocking tool” does not increase the voltage of the CPU. It is safe to upgrade performance and squeeze resources within a safe range. < / P > < p > a simple click like this can immediately release the performance of the computer with one click overclocking technology. I believe that in addition to helping game players get better game experience, it may also help some types of work required by high-performance computers play a very good auxiliary effect. This may be what life driving software is pursuing at present. With the development of new technology, users can enjoy the convenience brought by new technology, and at the same time, it also makes users trust the brand more and brings win-win for users and products. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the more CPU cores on a personal platform, the better the performance. But it’s just a theoretical victory. In practice, CPU is usually affected by other factors, such as whether the program is optimized for multi-core, whether the multi-core program will occupy the memory, and other factors, leading to the multi-core can not realize the performance improvement in actual use. In particular, the number of core software is not the most important one. There are many games that do not even optimize for multi-core, or need to turn on multi-core rendering in the settings to use the performance of other cores, so it is easy to cause the embarrassing situation of “one core is difficult, multi-core watching”. < / P > < p > therefore, whether the more cores the better depends on the usage scenario. Then, for ordinary users, Intel’s core is enough, and the number of cores is not significant. At this time, we should pay more attention to the single core performance. If the single core performance is weak, the number of cores is useless. < / P > < p > as the industry leader, Intel’s unique innovation spirit brings better game experience to game players. Let’s look forward to more products from Intel in the future. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo