Why is BMW 4 series the favorite of BMW control powder?

In the automotive industry, there has always been a saying that “take a Mercedes Benz and drive a BMW”. From this statement, we can conclude that BMW has the advantage of leading the same level in terms of the sense of control. However, in order to meet the needs of most Chinese consumers, some domestic rear extended BMW models began to take the luxurious and comfortable route, and lost the original control gene. < p > < p > among them, BMW 4 series has the highest attention, and the car running style is hard to refuse. It also enlarges the advantages of BMW’s sense of control. Whether it is the speed of engine response, the smoothness of shifting and the feeling reflected by suspension, consumers can feel the advantages of BMW in handling. < / P > < p > the new BMW 4 series adopts a star screen air intake grille with longitudinal design, which has a larger area than previous models. The increase in the area of the vents means that the car has better performance. Although China open adopts a one-piece design, the blackened air intake grille and the headlights of angel eyes on both sides well reflect the future design direction of BMW. < / P > < p > the lower edge of the grille extends down almost to the lower edge of the front apron, and the grille is slightly tilted forward. In addition to the distinctive grille design, BMW 4 series also uses a new “angel eye” intelligent laser headlamp, together with a newly designed BMW M sports suit and M aerodynamic components, which makes the front face of the new car very recognizable. < / P > < p > the body side lines are dynamic and slender. Two sharp body waistlines create a dive momentum and extend to the rear of the vehicle to outline the broad and robust shoulder, which visually stretches the transverse width, making the vehicle appear a lower center of gravity. At the same time, the body size is also further increased compared with the previous model, the body length is increased by 103mm, and the body width is increased by 27mm. < / P > < p > this generation of bmw4 series has launched a new generation of digital key based on the global alliance of car owners, which is suitable for iPhone and apple watch. Users can unlock the car by simply holding the phone close to the door. Open the frameless door of BMW 4 series, and the welcome carpet will come into view. < / P > < p > entering the car, the interior of the new generation BMW 4 series also has great changes. The seats and the center console are spliced in two colors, and four colors, black and dark red, are added for consumers to choose from. < / P > < p > sensatec synthetic leather instrument panel, intelligent induction atmosphere lamp, three zone automatic air conditioning and M sports multifunctional leather steering wheel with shift paddles make this car not only dynamic but also more luxurious. < / P > < p > the new car’s center console is added with plastic lining material, supplemented by high gloss carbon fiber grain decorative panel, which improves the interior quality to a certain extent. < / P > < p > at the same time, the new BMW 4 series is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD digital dashboard and a 10.25 Inch Touch central display screen, combined with the seventh generation of BMW iDrive With the human-computer interaction system and BMW intelligent personal assistant, users can freely select iDrive knob, steering wheel multi-function button, touch screen, natural voice or gesture control in the five-dimensional interactive interface, so as to realize diversified and personalized interaction mode between driver and vehicle. < / P > < p > the car also supports apple Carplay and Baidu carlife functions, enabling the mobile phone to connect wirelessly with the car. In terms of power, the new BMW 4 series is equipped with the latest BMW 2.0T in-line four cylinder turbocharged engine and an 8-speed automatic manual transmission. < / P > < p > at the same time, compared with the previous model, the front wheel tread is increased by 26 mm, and the rear wheel track is increased by 19 mm. With the 50:50 front and rear axle weight distribution and large wheel hub, it can provide better handling flexibility and driving pleasure for the driver. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865