Why is iPhone 12 delayed? Non technical reason is cook’s “bad move”

Before each release, no smartphone can match it. Although with the resignation of jobs, Apple’s development is no longer so brilliant than before, but we have to admit that the market value of Apple has exceeded 2 trillion yuan recently. Under such circumstances, can’t Apple overcome the 5g technology problem? You know, up to now, huami VO, China’s top four mobile phone manufacturers, have released nearly two generations of 5g mobile phones. However, iPhone, the leader of smart phones, still hasn’t released an iPhone, which is definitely not normal. Of course, I don’t mean to belittle the four major mobile phone manufacturers here, but the fact is there. Why is iPhone 12 delayed? The non-technical reason is cook’s “bad move”. < / P > < p > so to sum up, the reason why Apple hasn’t released the iPhone 12 so far is not due to its capacity and technology, but to its intention. To put it simply, it is to make the iPhone 12 attractive. When the iPhone 12 has built enough momentum and released in one fell swoop, Apple will be able to rely on the iPhone 12 to make profits several times as much as it does now. After all, in the capital world, the expected value is often directly proportional to its return value. And in this case, the price of the iPhone 12 may be much lower than that, but it’s because everyone has been waiting too long for it to rise in value and thus the price will rise. It is not difficult to see that Apple’s move completely exposed the ambition and means of a kind of American capitalist represented by cook. In their eyes, interests will become absolute existence. To know why the iPhone 12 is not released at the moment, it is entirely speculation from the outside world. The iPhone 12 can be said to have achieved a good advertising effect without spending a cent. < / P > < p > so what is the iPhone 12 like? In fact, according to the information disclosed at the moment, the iPhone 12 is similar to the high-end phones of China’s four major mobile phone manufacturers in terms of performance, service life and photo taking. If there has to be a difference, it may be Apple’s current complete and closed IOS system and related ecological services. But in this 5g mobile phone battle, the iPhone seems to have failed to get the first chance to release as it once did, thus making huge profits. In this case, since you can’t be the first to release, you can only make the last release and use momentum to make a high profit. This may be the game of capital! However, judging from the current situation, it is likely that cook will get what he wants. After all, the delayed release of the iPhone 12 seems to have become the most anticipated smartphone at present. Once it is successfully released, its sales situation can be imagined. Despite the current tense trade relations between China and the United States, Apple has accumulated a large number of loyal users. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia