Why is it more durable than glass? These three reasons are the key

In the past two years, the mobile phone with metal frame seems to be disappearing gradually. You should know that the metal fuselage is the standard configuration of the flagship phone. If you use plastic body for a flagship mobile phone, I’m afraid you are embarrassed to say hello to people. However, in the last two years, the flagship aircraft uses glass fuselage, and the middle and low-end plastic fuselage continues, and the metal fuselage seems to be dying out. I want to know that the iPhone 6S’s native gold and rose gold were popular for half of the sky. What’s the matter now? < / P > < p > since Apple released iPhone X and opened the era of full screen, the front models of mobile phones of various manufacturers are more and more similar, such as Liu Hai screen, water drop screen and hole digging screen. It seems that it is really difficult for you to distinguish who is who. For example, the three 90hz brothers of oppo system are really the same mobile phone without looking at the UI. < / P > < p > the original metal fuselage has a single way of realizing various colors, that is, spraying various colors of paint on the alloy of the back cover, so as to realize the difference of various colors. But the glass body is different. Under the transparent glass of the back cover, mobile phone manufacturers can place various colorful stickers to show different colors, or more complicated, one or more layers of various color films on the glass to achieve some gorgeous effects. All kinds of gradient colors, Aurora colors, and mirage bodies can be made. Nothing is done by a sticker Indefinite, if not, then coating. < p > < p > the wireless charging function of smart phones is only available in recent years, but it is this function that makes mobile phone manufacturers have to give up the metal body. Because the principle of wireless charging is to transfer energy through electromagnetic waves, and metal has a great advantage that it has “excellent electromagnetic shielding”, and this is the biggest disadvantage of wireless charging here. Therefore, if the mobile phone uses a metal back cover, wireless charging is bound to be unable to work normally, and the plastic body is too cheap, naturally, you can only choose the glass body. < / P > < p > in your mind, do you remember the two white strips on the back of several metal body phones, such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, which are actually two antennas. The reason for this design is that the metal has shielding property to electromagnetic field. The all metal design will make the mobile phone unable to receive or transmit signals, so it can only reserve openings for the antenna on the fuselage. < / P > < p > but glass fuselage is different. The glass has no interference and shielding to electromagnetic field, so there is no need to leave an opening for the antenna, which can better realize the integration of the fuselage and is easier to achieve waterproof. And in the 5g has come today, if you still use metal fuselage, only a small opening for the antenna, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve excellent transmission efficiency. Generally speaking, metal fuselage is more resistant to falling than glass body, but it is “unfriendly” to electromagnetic, which makes wireless charging and mobile phone signal difficult to get better support. Moreover, metal fuselage is not as rich in color matching as glass body. A sticker or several layers of coating can transform various colors and patterns at will. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer