Why is it that the iPhone 12 is Huawei’s only rival to mate 40, while Samsung is not qualified?

So far, Samsung, Huawei and apple, the world’s top three mobile phone manufacturers, have released their latest flagship phones, namely Samsung note20, Huawei mate40 and iPhone 12. Take Huawei mate40 as an example. It seems that only iPhone 12 can compete with it. Samsung note20 is not qualified. < / P > < p > in terms of sales, Samsung is the world’s largest mobile phone supplier. Even if it loses the largest Chinese market, it always leads apple and Huawei. Samsung is also the mobile phone company with the largest number of black technologies. It can develop its own cameras and screens, and can design its own processor. Even its own 5nm production line is also under construction. However, we are not comparing the strength of technology companies, but the mobile phone itself. As far as Samsung note20 is concerned, its configuration and upgrading are insufficient to compare with Huawei mate40. < / P > < p > the main reason is that the improvement of Samsung S20 is too small, and even some configurations are castrated. As a top flagship model, the back cover is made of plastic. Although it doesn’t stick to fingerprints, it still feels cheap. The screen does not have a high refresh rate, and the resolution is not up to 2K. No matter how good the screen material is, it is impossible to avoid the defects in parameters. As the world’s first screen panel manufacturer, Samsung should not castrate the screen configuration of its flagship machine. The camera is not even as good as the Samsung S20, the optical zoom is only 3 times, the digital zoom is only 30 times, and even worse than the iPhone 12. Compared with Samsung note20, apple obviously has a lot of conscience this time. Although it is still designed by Liu Haiping, the super porcelain crystal technology and split frame are really beautiful. The screen adopts the top screen of Samsung and LG, which conforms to XDR standard, and the quality can be called first-class. The camera parameters are similar to Samsung note20, but the ISP performance of A14 is better than that of snapdragon 865, and the iPhone 12 is better. In terms of battery life, Samsung note20 supports 25W fast charging, while Huawei mate40’s wireless fast charging is 50W, twice that of Samsung. < / P > < p > as the last Huawei mobile phone equipped with Kirin processor, Huawei mate40 is much better than the first two models. Compared with the previous generation, the overall performance of Kirin 9000 is improved by 40%, and the running points are also better than the A14 of iPhone 12 and the snapdragon 865 of Samsung S20. It is also as always the leader in AI performance, 5g and ISP performance. < p > < p > If Samsung note20 is upgraded enough and not castrated, it will still have a battle with Huawei mate40. So, of the two flagship models, only the iPhone 12 can be Huawei’s competitor. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing