Why is photography more transparent in Europe, America and Japan? Netizens are about to quarrel

On this issue, netizens expressed their own views, from personal experience, urban air, infrastructure, urban civilization, vegetation coverage and the use of filters, etc., and gave a variety of examples. Some netizens believe that the “intention filter” will be added to the photos of tourists to different countries. For example, the following group of example pictures, the same photo, with different filters, will not have an internal flavor. < / P > < p > it looks like something like that, but it still hasn’t been explained clearly: Why are Europe, America and Japan in the photos so clean and transparent? < / P > < p > for those who are learning mobile photography, I hope you can understand three points: why is the transparency of photography in different places different? What is the transparency of a picture? And how to take photos with higher transparency? In addition, one of the factors affecting the urban exhaust gas permeability is the acceleration of the urban exhaust gas permeability. Can you recall that the city’s permeability will be much better during the shutdown period? < / P > < p > usually, when praising other people’s photos, they often use the words: the photos are clear, the photos have texture, and the photos are very transparent. Is clarity and texture equal to transparency? < / P > < p > the transparency of a photo refers to the contrast of the picture, the clarity of the main edge, the clear and hierarchical color, and the overall brightness of the picture, which correspond to the contrast, clarity, color and brightness in the later editing. < p > < p > scenery photography includes natural scenery and architectural scenery, and the works have various forms of expression. However, we only discuss how to make the photos more transparent today. < / P > < p > in haze days and cloudy days, the main light source comes from the bright sky, but without sunlight, the environmental light source is relatively uniform. In this case, no matter the color performance or the light and shade of details will be lack of level, and the photo will appear gray phenomenon. < / P > < p > when you go to West Sichuan, you can’t feel the “fresh air” in the photos taken by others due to their bright sunshine and bright colors. Therefore, the air in foreign countries is not sweet. As long as the weather is good, we can take pictures in China. I went to West Sichuan a few days ago. I can make a big movie when I meet the good weather! < / P > < p > when shooting with backlight or top light, the light is relatively strong and the contrast between light and dark is large, which may lead to the problem of underexposure of local dark part and overexposure of light part, and the details of the picture are lost. In addition, there will be gray and glare problems in backlight shooting, so how can we get through it? < / P > < p > when taking scenery photos in the daytime, try to choose the light direction for shooting. It should be noted that since most mobile phones will automatically highlight photos, it is suggested that the exposure compensation should be appropriately reduced to retain more picture details, so as to provide more room for adjustment later. < / P > < p > “transparent” is not only used to describe scenery photos, but also used to describe some portrait works, such as “the model’s skin looks transparent”. The photos that make you feel like this are mostly Japanese style photos. < / P > < p > on the contrary, many European and American photographers like to make their photos darker. Especially in some street photography works, photographers will press the picture very dark to create a low atmosphere. They are more in pursuit of the texture of the picture. < / P > < p > in most Japanese and European and American photos, we can see two opposite styles of photos. The biggest difference between these two styles is the brightness of the picture. < / P > < p > Japanese style photos will look more transparent, and they will generally be brighter in post-processing, and their selected scenes will also be relatively bright. A bright scene can increase the transparency of the picture, but it needs to be noted that the brighter the better, there will be no contrast if the brightness is too large, which will not give people a transparent feeling. < / P > < p > different from silhouette shooting, if you want to take a night scene photo with high transparency, you need to keep as much detail as possible when shooting in the early stage. To avoid “dead black” and the loss of light details. < / P > < p > as for how to take more details of the picture, we have described in the previous article. For example, Huawei users can take pictures in the “50mp AI mode”, and they can get a picture with more details when there is sufficient light. < / P > < p > because the optimization algorithm of most mobile phones is not particularly reliable, especially in the night scene mode, on the surface, there are details in the dark part, but the light part is not exposed, but when you zoom in, the edge usually has a strong smear feeling. < / P > < p > when it comes to improving the transparency of photos in the later stage, many friends often make a mistake. In order to “remove the gray”, they greatly increase the contrast and clarity, and the photos appear “dirty”. < / P > < p > contrast and clarity are two functions commonly used in the later stage of “de ashing”, but some friends may still not understand the functions of these two functions. < / P > < p > increase the contrast, the bright part in the picture will be brighter, the dark place will be darker, and the contrast between light and dark will be enhanced. However, it is not recommended to adjust the contrast directly. You can adjust the contrast by combining the black color scale, white color scale, shadow and highlight. < / P > < p > increases the sharpness of the photo. The darker side near the edge becomes darker, and the lighter side near the edge becomes brighter, which makes the object outline and detail texture clearer. But the adjustment range can not be too large, otherwise the picture will appear very “dirty”. < / P > < p > European, American and Japanese photos are relatively transparent, which is affected by objective environmental factors. However, the transparency of photos can be improved to a certain extent through the selection of light source, bright scene, details retention and later adjustment. Last but not least, we must take good care of the environment of our home. I believe our city will become more and more transparent. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”