Why is the 5g universal flagship iqoo 5 Pro worth buying? Control the speed, who will fight

It’s 2020. Haven’t you changed a 5g mobile phone? What, do you think the price is too expensive and the appearance is not beautiful? It must be that you haven’t seen iqoo 5 Pro yet. Iqoo, as a very young mobile phone brand, always takes “born and strong” as the core of the product, and iqoo 5 Pro is no exception. Iqoo 5 pro, as the “super large cup” of this series, not only has the top performance, but also integrates the speed sense of sports car into the fuselage design. Buy 5g mobile phone, iqoo 5 pro, you can’t miss it! < / P > < p > iqoo mobile phones always take the sense of speed as the main benchmark of appearance design, and every mobile phone is ready to go like a professional racing car. On the basis of speed sense, iqoo 5 Pro emphasizes the “sense of control”. “Racing edition” and “legend edition” color matching perfectly combine technology and racing. < p > < p > the legendary version of iqoo 5 Pro adopts the design of white plain leather and three color striped decoration, which is easy to associate with the racing car on the field. According to Li Mengjie, the designer of iqoo 5 pro, white plain leather has been rejected by many suppliers due to its complicated process and low yield. After countless experiments, it was finally that amazing design. In the track version of iqoo 5 pro, passive lighting is added to both sides of the body. The back of the fuselage is covered with Kevlar texture. Under a piece of glass, the color layer and texture layer are superimposed on each other to bring the feeling of these two lights. The low-key but eye-catching design makes the track version like a racing car in the dark. A pair of bright eyes flashing blue light, proclaiming the power of speed. The two colors of iqoo 5 Pro are unique. They combine the sense of technology with the sense of speed. < / P > < p > iqoo 5 Pro is a flagship phone, and it is a top-level flagship phone. “Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor, lpddr5 storage, ufs3.1 ultra fast flash memory”, the performance of the iron triangle is back in the world, ensuring your top-level experience from the hardware level. As the most powerful and top-level 5g processor, snapdragon 865 adopts 7Nm process and cortex-a77 architecture, combined with Adreno 650 display chip, which greatly improves the graphics rendering ability. < / P > < p > if the hardware is the foundation of a mobile phone, then the screen is an important platform for human-computer interaction. Iqoo 5 Pro adopts Samsung’s 120Hz super vision flexible screen, with 120 frames per second, twice the traditional 60Hz screen. This screen supports hdr10 + standard certification, and also supports outdoor sunlight screen display under strong light and color restoration with accurate 100% dci-p3 gamut coverage. Smooth touch experience and accurate color display. Whether it’s watching video or playing games, you can get the best experience. < / P > < p > as a 5g flagship mobile phone with top-level hardware configuration, iqoo 5 Pro must have the matching strength for its service life. In order to let users realize the “never power off” experience, iqoo 5 Pro is equipped with vivo’s latest flash charge 120W ultra fast flash charging technology, which can charge 4000mAh battery to 100% in 15 minutes. < / P > < p > such a powerful fast charging technology naturally has multiple guarantees in terms of safety. Iqoo 5 pro’s 120W ultra fast flash is the first 120 Watt fast charging device certified by German Rhein. German Rhein strictly tests and verifies every link of iqoo 5 series charging system from three aspects of safety, speed and compatibility. 1000 times of mobile phone charging and discharging cycle test, 10000 times of charging port live plugging test, 800-1000 times of battery fast charging and discharging cycle test, and + 55 / – 33 ℃ environmental test and other extreme scenario challenges, safety is the first priority of iqoo. < p > < p > iqoo 5 Pro is a 5g model with both beauty and strength. Its unique sense of speed and control makes it stand out in the vast sea of airplanes. If you are a flagship player who pursues speed and wants top experience, iqoo 5 Pro will never let you down! Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo