Why is Xiaomi 10, which is popular on the market, few people buy it now? The answer is clear at a glance

Lei Jun launched Xiaomi 10 on the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi. As the first product of millet 10 series, it will be paid great attention. Even when Xiaomi 10 is not on the market, it is only promoted that the mobile phone has a high enthusiasm. Under such a voice, Xiaomi 10 was quickly promoted to the market. The 5g flagship of friends and merchants was no better than that of the company. However, when we thought that millet 10 would continue to sell with high heat, Xiaomi 10 has developed and changed, and the sales volume of mobile phones has started to decline, even many 5g midrange machines are not comparable to the sales volume. After the launch of the fire of millet 10, now in the third-party platform price reduction is also unable to sell, many people are puzzled, let’s listen to what the insiders said. The reason why millet 10 is popular with consumers is inseparable from its characteristic functions. Xiaomi 10 is very attentive in appearance first, and uses a 6.67 inch AMOLED surface screen, which has strong visual impact. Another is the main camera of Xiaomi 10, which has a main camera element of 100million pixels. The high-pixel lens has a high imaging quality. As mobile phone users rely more and more on mobile phones, Xiaomi 10 uses a 4780 Ma battery, which can store more power, and the service life will be much longer than 5g flagship in the same period. It can naturally win the popularity and popularity of the public in the market. But it is the short board of a mobile phone that often determines a mobile phone. There are many omissions and loopholes in Millet 10, such as AMOLED adopted by Xiaomi 10 does not support the highest 120Hz, and the fluency is not the best, and the resolution is only 2400 * 1080, which can not show more details. In terms of network, the signal and network of Xiaomi 10 are not the best. Xiaomi 10 adopts 5g baseband, which indicates that 5g technology is not mature enough, and there is a great distance according to Huawei 5g signal. Although the main shot has been raised to 100million pixels, there are two 2 megapixel lenses in the back four shots, which is far from the lens of friends and merchants. Nowadays, there are more 5g flagship phones, and millet 10 is only one of them. Although there are many special functions, many fatal injuries are exposed in the user’s use, such as signal problems. As 5g mobile phones, 5g signal and network are very important. Any problem will affect the use experience of the whole mobile phone. Although Xiaomi 10 has gained wide attention when it was first listed, and it has been popular with the configuration of 865 and 100million pixels of Xiaolong, but there are too many loopholes to make up for. In addition, the 5g flagship of friends is listed, so this millet 10 will naturally disappear to all. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing