Why is Yang Liwei no longer in space? It’s lucky to hear something you can’t hear

As we all know, there are endless mysteries in the universe. Human beings have not given up their exploration work, and have gained a lot in recent years. China’s aviation industry started in 1956. Although it did not start as early as the Soviet Union and the United States, after its development, it also made amazing achievements through its own efforts. In 1970, when the first satellite was sent into space, foreign countries began to gradually improve China’s strength. In 2003, China realized its first manned spaceship mission. Yang Liwei was the astronaut. However, since the successful completion of the first launch mission, Yang Liwei has directly retired to the background and took up the role of guidance. So why does Yang Liwei no longer go to space? In fact, it was because he heard an impossible voice. Fortunately, he had no accident. It is reported that Yang Liwei carried the shenzhou-2 manned spacecraft to carry out the mission. After working in space for 21 hours, Yang successfully returned home and arrived at the earth. At that time, many Chinese people were very excited at the news. This success marks a big step in China’s aviation industry. After Yang Liwei returned, countless people on the ground were waiting to meet him to celebrate the exciting moment. However, everyone was only happy, but they didn’t see that before Yang Liwei left the cabin, the corners of his mouth were stained with blood. Because there were too many official media present at that time, for fear of bad influence, the staff cleaned up before he left the cabin. < / P > < p > this blood stain is actually due to resonance and pressure during the spaceship’s return journey, which is very harmful to the human body. If people with weak will, they may not survive. Now, for the sake of Yang Liwei’s health, the state has arranged for him to work behind the scenes. Of course, his contribution to the aerospace industry has never stopped. With his leadership, the national aviation force can cultivate more excellent talents. Yang Liwei was one of the first batch of astronauts selected by China. At that time, there were 14 astronauts competing with him. However, he was able to stand out, indicating that his strength must be one in a million. After five years of training, he finally received the task of the state. In fact, it’s not only him, but also Yang Liwei’s family. After all, this is China’s first manned mission. At that time, many countries carried out similar experiments, but in the end, many astronauts died in the universe because of accidents. How could Yang Liwei and his family not be afraid? However, no matter how afraid we are, we must implement it. As a soldier, we should not fail to live up to the expectations of the country and the people. During the training period, in order to reassure Yang Liwei, the state also concealed the news that his mother was hospitalized. During the mission, Yang Liwei recalled that the most terrible thing was not the resonance reaction, but the unidentified sound encountered in the universe. It was not the movement of aliens as rumored here, but that there was no gravity and air in outer space. At that time, the spaceship needed to bear great pressure. If it did not return in time, it was likely to be crushed and the consequences would be unimaginable. Many people say that after Yang Liwei, several astronauts have experienced going into space twice or so. Why can’t Yang Liwei enter the second time? At that time, although shenzhou-2 successfully completed its mission, it was China’s first manned spacecraft to enter space. There were certain uncertainties in many fields. Moreover, the performance of the spacecraft was definitely inadequate compared with the current situation. Yang Liwei was lucky to be able to successfully return home. Hearing the sound of crowding the space capsule, Yang Liwei felt that the event was not good, but the return journey and Time. After Yang Liwei successfully completed the mission, China has successively obtained manned spacecraft missions. Encouraged by so many successful cases, China is more confident to create miracles in the future. And the reason why China’s aviation industry can achieve today’s achievements is inseparable from these great astronauts. Without their efforts, China’s aviation industry would not have its current international status. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia