Why pingti Mac Mini first launched Lenovo Tianyi 510s Mini host

The author himself is a fan of mini mainframe, the core reason is that it can get the best performance through the minimum space occupancy. The reason why notebook computer can not get the performance like desktop computer is that it must be as thin as possible in order to achieve portable effect, which means that the desktop processor and graphics card are difficult to be added to the notebook, which leads to the mobile version The configuration of this. However, desktop computers and laptops have obvious shortcomings. The former has strong performance but takes up too much space. After all, many people’s work places and office space at home are very limited. The latter is portable enough and its configuration has become more and more powerful in recent years. However, there are not many products that can solve the ultimate performance and heat dissipation problems. In addition, high configuration notebooks are also very popular Most of the price is not cheap, but also because of the heat dissipation problem, it is difficult to maintain a thin fuselage. < / P > < p > therefore, I have always been a supporter of mini host + monitor solutions in fixed scenarios. First, monitors can bring excellent visual experience and improve office efficiency. Nowadays, even people who use laptops in office scenes usually have an external monitor, which is the truth. Secondly, compared with laptops and desktop devices, minicomputers can provide a better visual experience For example, the performance can be guaranteed while saving more space. After all, the thickness of the mini host body can be added to the desktop level configuration, so as to bring more robust performance. < p > < p > if you want to say that the most famous product in the market is the mini host, it must be the apple mac mini. But after 9102, you gave me the whole eight generations of processors, and you set the price of the entry-level version of the four generation eight core I3 at 6K +, which is a real courage. So, except for those fruit powder that has money to pay for feelings, Mac Mini is not for the public to buy. < / P > < p > so much said, is there a device that can completely replace or even be better than the Mac Mini? In line with this demand, from my personal point of view, I recommend Lenovo’s recently launched Tianyi 510s Mini host. Since it is a mini host, the first consideration is the size of the fuselage. The overall size of Lenovo Tianyi 510s Mini mainframe is only 1 liter. If the vertical placement mode is smaller than that of ordinary mineral water bottles, it is recommended to use the sitting mode, which is directly placed on the seat frame at the bottom of the display, which does not occupy the desktop space. < / P > < p > many people have a special preference for Apple’s Mac Mini. Another very important reason is that it looks fashionable in appearance design. For a long time, in addition to the Mac Mini, most of the mini hosts in the market follow the design style of desktop devices, only reducing the size. However, Lenovo Tianyi 510s mainframe adopts the design of featured fabric top and gray suede texture shell on the top part. The overall body is elegant and fashionable, and it looks more like a work of art at first sight. Whether at home or in the office, Lenovo Tianyi 510s Mini host can be integrated into any decoration style to highlight your unique taste. < / P > < p > perhaps due to the limited market heat, the configuration of mini mainframe has been unable to keep up with the mainstream pace, even the MAC as an industry benchmark Mini is about two generations behind the mainstream, but Lenovo Tianyi 510s Mini host is equipped with Intel’s 10th generation core i5-10400 desktop processor, with six core and twelve thread technology, with a reference frequency of 2.9ghz and a 12MB cache. At the same time, the dual hard disk combination design of 256gbm.2nvme solid-state disk and 2TB high-capacity mechanical hard disk is installed on the solid-state disk. When users store data, they also have 2TB mechanical hard disk as support, which can be called the best gold design combination. < / P > < p > not only is the appearance design and hardware configuration second to none in today’s Mini host market, but Lenovo Tianyi 510s Mini host also brings more intimate functions through system optimization. Through homesick cloud software, it can easily connect mobile phones and mobile devices, and easily prepare photos, videos and wechat chat records. It is low-power design and does not need to be shut down, just like around Like a personal cloud storage device, instant access anytime, anywhere. < / P > < p > to put it bluntly, Lenovo Tianyi 510s Mini host is also a free version of the private network disk around you. It can run for 7×24 hours. At the same time, it can also make collaborative backup. No matter where you go, you can access the resources in the hard disk, and you can back up your files and videos when you connect to the network. < / P > < p > in the general market, the price of a personal cloud storage device is generally around 1000 yuan. However, the Lenovo Tianyi 510s Mini host, which integrates personal cloud storage and a productivity tool PC, is only 3999 yuan. As an all-round office artifact, don’t you come? 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia