Why so many people don’t like Canon EOS r? It’s a failed full frame no reflection camera?

Why many people don’t like Canon EOS R, and even say that this is the worst full picture. The main reason is that it has three obvious shortcomings, which makes it weaker than its competitors: no body anti shake, no dual card, no overdraft 4K! < / P > < p > although the disadvantages are obvious, the advantages of EOS R are also prominent. Next, as the user of EOS R, ye Ma Ge will analyze it for you! < / P > < p > as the first Canon full frame no reflection, EOS r does not provide the body anti shake that competitors have been supporting on the same level machines. Although Canon’s anti shake lens performance is strong, but after all, there are many without anti shake lens. < / P > < p > and EOS R5 has finally complied with the user’s voice. In addition, the anti shake mechanism of the fuselage and the further linkage with the anti shake of the lens can achieve an amazing 8-level anti shake effect, making the success rate of handheld shooting unprecedented high, which also proves the importance of anti shake of the fuselage. < / P > < p > for professional photographers, it is obviously safer to shoot some important meetings and activities such as weddings. Although the SD card is not easy to break, there is still a certain probability of damage, and once an important event encounters such a mishap, the loss may be much greater than the value of the fuselage! After all, some activities can’t be repeated. < p > < p > from the perspective of some video platforms, 4K channels have been launched one after another. Although 1080p is still the mainstream now, it is replaced by 4K, which is a matter of talking. < / P > < p > when shooting with 4K, EOS R can only use a part of the sensor in the middle, which means that there will be 1.7 times of cutting. This seriously affects the effect of 4K video shooting. For example, when connecting 24-105, the so-called wide-angle is completely gone. To get a wide-angle effect, you have to buy a 10-18 super wide-angle lens, which is very inconvenient. < / P > < p > at the same time, only 60 frames are supported under 1080p, and the competitors provide 120 frames, which is greatly discounted in some special effects shooting. < / P > < p > the above three aspects are the biggest trough points of EOS R. But some people say that eosr is the most underrated full frame non reflection camera. Is that true? < p > < p > it is said that Canon is suitable for portrait shooting, which I have deep experience. Especially JPG straight out color, has been very useful. The color of the portrait may be the biggest difference between canon and other cameras. < / P > < p > 30 million pixels, which is basically the same CMOS from 5D4, also determines the imaging quality of EOS R, which is on the same horizontal line as 5D4. And compared with Z6, a7m3 of more than 20 million pixels, after all, there are more pixels, so that there is a certain amount of cutting room in the later stage. < / P > < p > EOS r continues Canon’s excellent full pixel dual core focusing system, which has excellent performance in video, and has good performance in focusing speed and low illumination. In addition, the eye focusing function of EOS R is also very good, which can greatly improve the success rate when shooting portraits. < / P > < p > a large number of EF lenses can be transferred through the EOS r adapter ring. At the same time, Canon also provides a new RF lens for the full frame non reflection body. Although the entire lens system is not perfect at present, the RF lenses that have been released and put on the market are all performing well. For example, rf351.8, rf70-200 and so on. This is also Canon’s traditional strength. Canon camera has a simple and easy-to-use menu system, and each model maintains the consistent style, so the learning cost is very low. As EOS R is Canon’s first full-length painting, it has a strong sense of taste and experiment, so it is inevitable that there are such problems. < / P > < p > for the user of EOS R, Mustang, I am basically satisfied with the performance of this camera! After all, there is no perfect person, there is no end machine, we use each camera, we should make full use of our strengths and avoid weaknesses, it’s a big deal, less or no 4K shooting is it!!! Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction