Will Huawei become the king of MediaTek? Mate40 or Tianji 2000 next year, P50 will also be used!

According to the latest information, the iPhone 12 will be released on September 8. From the current situation, it is very likely that the price of low configuration iPhone 12 and 12max will increase. Instead of spending 5000-6000 on an apple entry-level computer, it is better to support domestic brands with the same price, especially Huawei, which has been sanctioned by the United States since last year.

if there is no accident, Huawei’s new flagship mate 40 series of BOC version will be released on September 26 and will be launched during the national day. After TSMC’s power cut-off, the Kirin 1020 chip with 5nm process on mate40 series is likely to run out of stock in the later stage. According to the disclosure of digital God, the number of the first batch of mate 40 series is only about 8 million, while the sales volume of mate series is at the level of 10 million. It is possible that by the beginning of next year, the mate40 series will adopt chips provided by other manufacturers instead of Kirin 1020, the “China chip”.

since it is unable to continue to produce Kirin 1020, Huawei has two choices. First, it uses Samsung’s chips. Considering that Samsung is Huawei’s largest competitor in the world, Huawei is afraid to take this risk. So there is only one option left, undu. Judging from the fact that many models recently released by Huawei are equipped with Tianji 800 chip, this possibility is the biggest.

according to foreign media reports, MediaTek will officially launch Tianji 2000 chip next year, and the official delivery time is expected to be in the second quarter. The same process of TSMC 5nm process will greatly improve the performance of Tianji 1000, and it will not lose too much to Qualcomm snapdragon 875. In addition to the mate40 series, Tianji 2000 may be adopted by Huawei P50 series, the flagship of Huawei’s P-Series, to be released in the first half of next year.

in the 4G era, due to its backward performance, MediaTek was suspended and beaten by Qualcomm and Hisilicon. Fortunately, the era of 5g has come, which gives the company a good opportunity to overtake on the curve. The midrange chips Tianji 800, Tianji 820, and high-end chip Tianji 1000 all have good performance. In particular, Tianji 800 has been approved by Huawei and has been applied to many models under the company, such as glory x10max, glory PLAY4, Huawei Changxiang Z, etc.

Kirin 1020 is afraid to become a winner next year. If you buy a Huawei mobile phone equipped with MediaTek chips next year, it’s no surprise that this is also Huawei’s helpless move, and Huawei will become the “king of MediaTek”. Maybe the overall performance of Tianji 2000 is better than that of Kirin 1020, and there will be some concession in the price. It is believed that Huawei will break through the blockade of the United States as soon as possible and let Kirin flagship chip return as soon as possible.

Author: zmhuaxia