Will the fast runner after IPO grab food from B Kwai?

Zhang Yiming, like a robot, does not play cards, watch discs or play games, according to a report by Lan Xi, a self-Media person. Now, for the sake of byte hopping game business, he forces himself to play games for an hour every day to familiarize himself with the industry. In an interview with Li Fang, editor in chief of tencent.com, Su Hua revealed that he was eager for a home game console when he was a child, and later his father bought him a little overlord. In addition to playing games, Suhua also knocked down the first line of life code on this little overlord.

although Kwai Kwai tiktok is often seen as the biggest competitor in the bytes, but after the release of the fast hand prospectus, people seem to see a B station three years ago.

Kwai Fu prospectus shows that 68% of its revenue comes from live broadcasting. According to Tencent news, a close to the fast hand believes that Kwai Kwai’s live broadcast has completed about 30 billion water sales last year, and the future growth is relatively limited. Kwai Fu needs to prove to the outside world its capabilities in games, e-commerce and online marketing. It is no coincidence that < / P > < p >. In 2017, the game business revenue of station B was 2.058 billion yuan, accounting for 83.4% of the total revenue. For the positioning of station B, Chen Rui said that station B is not a game company, but a mode of commercialization of station B. At that time, station B needed to prove its ability in live value-added services and advertising marketing to the outside world, which can be said to be the same goal by different ways. < p > < p > according to the financial report of the second quarter of 2020, the proportion of game revenue of station B has dropped to 48%, and the live broadcast and member business have grown rapidly, accounting for 32%. In the third quarter financial report just released, the proportion of non game business revenue reached 60%, and the revenue structure of station B was more balanced.

Kwai Kwai currently has 302 million live users, but the price is 13 billion 285 million in the first half of this year. The same is true of the B station prospectus. Bili Bili’s performance broke out due to the exclusive agency rights of the two games, fat / grand order and Azur lane. However, the sharing cost of the combined transportation of games is much higher than that of ultra wideband operation cost and content copyright cost, reaching 926 million yuan. This is also an important reason for the loss of 583 million yuan.

Kwai and B stations are choosing to raise capital and business profitability through the listing of financing facilities in the case of high cost of main revenue channels. B station wants to do live broadcast before listing, but it seems to be able to do it now. Kwai Fu wants to play games. At present, it looks bright, but the path needs to be clear.

one, Kwai Fu prospectus shows that its largest shareholder is Tencent, holding 21.567%. The Tencent has invested $5 billion in Kwai Tat investment. Tiktok Kwai Kwai, on the one hand, hopes to block the jitter when Tencent invest quickly; on the other hand, Tencent must play a leading role in the game’s absolute superiority, and Tencent will also provide necessary protection. < / P > < p > in 2018, byte skipping successively operated live game and short video services on platforms such as today’s headlines, watermelon video and volcano video. Tencent then filed a lawsuit against it. Finally, the court ruled that byte skipping is the major products of Tencent games such as live broadcast. This year, the newly revised copyright law has incorporated the short video of the Internet into the scope of copyright protection. This means that the Tencent department with complete copyright will make full use of its copyright advantages to support its short video live broadcast platform, and of course Kwai.

official data released by the December 2019 Kwai Fu show that the live speed of live broadcast live is 51 million, and the volume has exceeded the sum of the Kwai live and the two live games of the head game live. Previously, the Kwai has been testing water games business, such as investment game clubs, on-line landlords, running games and other leisure games, as well as the creator support plan. It can be seen that Kwai has been trying to walk the vertical road, its purpose is to stretch the main business short video live activity. At the same time,

Kwai has become an important buying channel for the game sinking market. DataEye-ADX data show that in the nearly 30 days of the total purchase volume TOP10, 4 of the top products in the main channel, including Kwai Fu. Compared with the same channel, Kwai has also hit the head position. The number of released materials as reference, Kwai’s TOP10 was ranked the seventh, and the number of materials was more than 26 thousand.

game companies are Kwai Kwai’s relatively extensive harvesting rate, and fast hands are just for others. In the first half of 2020, the value-added services of live delivery with goods, online games and purchase volume were merged into “other businesses”, accounting for only 3.2% of the revenue. < / P > < p > Mo is a lesson in the past. Momo, whose main business income is live broadcast, accounted for 23.3% of its total revenue in the quarter when Momo launched its first self-developed game in February 2015. This year’s game revenue only accounts for less than 0.3% of the total revenue, and the game revenue in this quarter has decreased year-on-year. < / P > < p > live reward sharing can be classified as value-added services, and its essence is related to the size of users. With the increase of the number of users and the number of users, the cost of e-commerce will increase. In the game classification, if the Kwai is still satisfied with the traffic pool of buying volume game, it will also touch the ceiling as advertising business. Especially facing the tiktok that is twice as loud as the one that vibrate. In the future, the attraction of Kwai to advertisers will be limited. However, on the other hand, games are content products in essence. Through self-developed and intermodal games, more revenue may be obtained in the market with the peak traffic. According to the Q3 Tencent Financial Report in 2020, although QQ monthly life decreased by 5.5% and wechat increased by 5.4%, game revenue increased by 45%. < / P > < p > China has become one of the largest game markets in the world. In 2018, the income of China’s game industry reached 214.4 billion yuan, including 133.9 billion yuan of mobile game market income. The game itself has a mature business realization mode. < / P > < p > according to questmobile data, China’s live game market will reach 17.77 billion in 2019 and will continue to grow, and it is expected to reach 34.16 billion by 2022. < p > < p > it’s just that we can’t just watch the thief eat meat, but we can’t watch the thief get beaten. The game market is also a red sea market that kills red eyes. Externally, the industry has entered the deep-water area due to the new regulations such as the size and total amount control, and the restrictions on Youth Games; internally, the innovation of playing methods is weak, and the situation of copying by large factories and small factories is difficult to change in the short term. < p > < p > one is the IP based game. According to the release of Gamma data, IP adapted games always occupy more than 60% of the mobile game market in 2019, and the market revenue also has the potential for continuous growth. < / P > < p > this mainly comes from two aspects. On the one hand, IP products are developing towards high-quality products. On the other hand, even if the IP game market is abundant, the IP game market can be further enriched. There is also a social game. Real time interactive technology enables pan entertainment in the new era. Cloud social networking for the cultivation of user habits is irreversible, users will choose more online mode to solve social needs. In addition to the basic social attributes of traditional chess and card games and war games, the future of social games lies in its real-time interaction and high expansibility. < / P > < p > whether it is the early forum, SNS, or short video live platform, the value of social games is not only to improve daily life, but also to directly increase income. In 2009, “planting vegetables” and “stealing vegetables” were popular on the Internet, and “stealing vegetables” on the Internet made many Internet users “unable to sleep at night”. In 2019, Alipay announced that 550 million Chinese people were planting trees through mobile phone, and actually planted and maintained 200 million real trees. Game is no longer a monster, but a way to promote the development of the real world. < / P > < p > in April this year, Sony invested in station B with PS host platform, and several high-quality IP will become the high-quality ammunition for station B to continue to develop secondary game in the future. For the two-dimensional game, social is reflected outside the game, especially for station B, ACG does not separate. A typical case is. This animation is a novel’s co-worker’s work, the screen human setting scene is built using the game scene in the game. In the first quarter and the second quarter, plus an external biography, it has 100 million playback volume and no purchase. Considering the user scale of station B, this data is terrible. From this, we can see that games, novels, cartoons are not only inextricably linked, but also can create amazing works. These works include but not limited to AMV, ghost animals, house dance, comic novels, games and commentaries. They have a complete communication chain on the video platform. At the same time, they have turned the video platform into a good community and connected with each other. Therefore, the user viscosity of station B is much higher than that of other traditional long video platforms. < / P > < p > there are only two platforms with these acgn core link capabilities: station B and station a. A station is now under the command of Kwai Chung, Su Hua picked up a treasure. < / P > < p > “the two most worthless groups of users in the circle of Chinese websites are Douban and Acfun: they kidnap website operators with love, spray new people blindly, and constantly create small circles to destroy the positive atmosphere of the community, and take the website to an irreparable” funeral “. These guys just want to use Acfun to maintain their sense of superiority I don’t really care about the life and death of the website. ” The user portrait of

and Kwai and other short video platforms is different from the sinking city. The user portrait of A station is between 15 and 35 years old. Increasingly out of the circle B station users have been fully popular. And a station, is still that media mouth “crazy spray new” old and secondary element, the old and the young. < / P > < p > from a community perspective, it’s really hard to make money from these people. Because these people are more vertical and have a poor tolerance for low-quality content, they have strong independent thinking ability and are not easy to be captured by the community. < / P > < p > in fact, the core users of video games have never changed. Since the invention of MIT’s first video game machine in 1970, the core users of video games have been college students. Core users have considerable requirements for game playing method, plot, human settings and even game engine. These players can even independently develop modifiers, MODS and various plug-in patches to crack. In the early days of Jinshan game, these plug-ins were sold together, named Jinshan Ranger. In 2020, Qiu Bojun, the founder of Jinshan, revealed in the media that his retirement life was mainly playing games, and his main playing method was to develop external plug-in for his own use. < / P > < p > for game companies, this group of users is the most important group in game internal testing, feedback, crowdfunding, talent recruitment, and cooperative development. < / P > < p > in 2017, there were six CEOs before and after station a. the company was in a mess and lost 250 million yuan in two years. In that year, the intermodal two-dimensional game still ranked among the top 10 best sellers in the app store, but at that time, the daily life of station a was only 1.7 million.

in April this year, Kwai A A Station intermodal game login three platforms. On the day of launch, the work rushed to the first place in the free list of IOS games. That night, the developer Longquan storm revealed the first