Will the iPad end up on the stage of history? Next year may be the “first year of explosion” of folding screen mobile phones

Samsung and Huawei are the first manufacturers to launch folding screen mobile phones. We can see that such mobile phones are easily sold at more than 10000 yuan. Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to get access to this kind of products. Even most consumers can only have a look at the video or some offline experience stores. < / P > < p > the significance of folding screen is that it can expand the screen size and turn an ordinary 6-inch mobile phone into the size of a tablet computer by the way, which can be used for reading and watching videos. However, when we are used to taking only one mobile phone to go out, the iPad may become a “cumbersome” combination I doubt that the iPad has no living space. Once the price of the tablet computer is gradually reduced, it is only very likely that the price of the tablet will be replaced by a large number of products. < / P > < p > at present, the maintenance price of OLED screens such as curved screen and waterfall screen is very high. Consumers can also feel that if the mobile phone breaks the screen, it means 1000-2000 yuan of maintenance cost. If we enter the era of folding screen, we will not only spend more than 10000 yuan to buy a mobile phone, but also pay 5000 yuan to repair the screen anytime and anywhere. < / P > < p > in addition, the problem that the folding screen still has not been solved is the reliability of creases and folding places. At present, with a very small number of sales, we can see that a large number of folding screens have leakage and crease problems. Whether it is safety or reliability, users have been hit by the problem. After sales is definitely not covered by the warranty. If this problem is not solved, fold The possibility of scaling up screens will continue to be delayed. < / P > < p > if you want to replace the iPad, it means that you need to exceed the endurance of the current tablet computer. If the battery capacity is only slightly increased compared with the capacity of the mobile phone, the battery life will become an important factor restricting the development of folding screen. < / P > < p > some consumers say that increasing battery capacity can solve the problem? After all, the folding screen itself is more than half the thickness of the mobile phone. If you continue to increase the thickness because of the battery capacity, the portability will be greatly reduced. Finally, the progress of science and technology will evolve into retrogression and return to the era of brick cell phone. < / P > < p > the endurance of tablet computers is undoubtedly far better than that of mobile phones. Folding screen mobile phones can only be accepted by more consumers if they want to do these two things well. < p > < p > Apple’s new iPad Pro advertising slogan “your next computer, why a computer” actually emphasizes tablet computers and the ability to handle work as well as daily operations as laptops, and there may be new possibilities with keyboards and pens. < / P > < p > the way to operate this point is to let tablet computers create a “professional” field, increase the possibility of more productivity and give more meaning to apple, and finally make these products have a greater market. This is something that many consumers can’t understand. < / P > < p > the replacement of folding screen is bound to encounter obstacles in the industry. The tablet computer industry can not easily disappear in the long river of history. It still depends on whether manufacturers can finally make tablet make way for the development of mobile phones. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?